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  2. I saw the Rotten Tomatoes score Could be worse, I guess FINNEAS's new album is coming out next month, right? Not sure which new song will be submitted for the Oscar. Could be a Cats 2.0 situation though with the reviews
  3. That really sent me. Although, it's not my fave. I'm also living for the awful reviews the film is getting, as much as I love the original and Ben Platt most of all. I am excited for SS's version and FINNEAS - I really love FINNEAS's album.
  4. France running to the EU to tell on AU, UK and US.
  5. Dropping today: Focus mode Basically like Do Not Disturb but with customizations Customize notifications and apps for each mode Status will be displayed to others in Messages All devices will be set to the same mode Redesigned Safari Address bar has been shifted to the bottom Switch between tabs by swiping the address bar, similar to swiping on the Home bar You may revert to the old design in Settings FaceTime Spatial Audio makes the sound come from the where the user is on the screen Microphone mode to remove or add background noise FaceTime links can be shared so that non-Apple users can join the video call Portrait mode blurs out background Redesigned Weather app Live Text Grab text directly from photos Siri Siri requests will be processed on-device and does not require an internet connection Delayed features: FaceTime SharePlay allows sharing of screen, simultaneous music and video streaming CSAM scanning
  6. DoC streams collapsing We aint ready for Love For Sale second week numbers
  7. Nightwing

    Song Alphabet

    Don’t Wanna Fight - Alabama Shakes
  8. Need To Know x PF TikTok trend 182,2k (+4,5k videos) Huh… Maybe there are very viral videos and, since PF is the credited song under the sound, those are the ones who are impacting the song’s performance on Spoti + improved playlisting…
  9. Really digging Sam Smith's version of You Will Be Found
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  11. I’m happy for PF for pulling similar numbers to BR on Spoti! It gives me that Buzz! n-e-ways TikTok update in a minute Hoesters!
  12. The collapse would be reality and existence because even if it does happen, with our luck something else will happen to derail it
  13. Spotify September 19th: The Fame(Monster) 3 162 286 164 1 968 940 A Star Is Born : 3 828 044 120 1 653 694 Chromatica : 1 745 068 086 1 082 654 Dawn of Chromatica : 30 242 744 493 462 Born This Way : 1 121 081 152 616 959 Joanne : 1 267 647 925 347 579 ARTPOP 818 215 413 270 713 Chromatica officially fell below 1.1M on Sunday
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