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  2. He was a popular contestant on American Idol
  3. Guess he couldn't Jokes aside, happy for him!
  4. Growing up I always thought he was bi/gay but I guess it’s just because metrosexuality was just in the air in the mid- late 2000s i still blame her tho
  5. Who's that? Good for him. Welcome to the family king.
  6. Holy sh!t, the Remixes from BTW (TTA) got a huge increase yesterday. Judas Remix: Jun. 06th: +9.752 Jun. 07th: +9.786 Jun. 08th: +9.200 Jun. 09th: +8.577 Jun. 10th: +7.749 Jun. 11th: +37.202 BTW Remix: Jun. 06th: +26.525 Jun. 07th: +24.900 Jun. 08th: +20.331 Jun. 09th: +17.837 Jun. 10th: +16.480 Jun. 11th: +63.471 (New Peak)
  7. Gaga´s Spotify update: Born This Way (TTA) - 1.039.786.742 (+1.582.302)
  8. Today
  9. Doesn't mean it's same every week. Their numbers just differ. Also for last few weeks on RS chart Chromatica wouldn't appear until final update, so it will probably be higher in final this week. And with some boost from streaming and buying parties reenter would be realistic.
  10. Yeah but the difference between the RS Chart and Billboard is huge. I remember with Chroma there were times with 25 positions difference (higher on RS) due to the different formula used. I think the cut around #200 may be around 5k copies or sth like that. Idk tho.
  11. But it already entered RS chart. Also 200 copies is almost 100% increase in pure sales. I think you underestimate how close Chomaritca usually is to BB200 (and many albums that are out, units are quite low down there, and few hunders could make a difference).
  12. There is a difference between not being successful and opening with less numbers than Katy's smile.
  13. Nahh, it wouldn't have entered, a buying party would bring what, 200 copies? It would take a lot more to even enter at #200. The only chance for Chroma to re-enter is the vinyl and the remixes in case they count towards Chroma (and only for 1 or 2 weeks) methinks.
  14. they should have had party everyday this past week. It reentered RS so it's probably close on BB too.
  15. it's funny because it doesn't even count towards BTW units yet I think.
  16. The way they could plan a Chromatica buying party for the week after the black vinyl is released to ensure Chroma 3 weeks more (this week, the week of the black vinyl + the next week). For one thing that they do right, they do 5 things wrong I-
  17. I really cannot think of something more useful how can you have such a big platform and be sooo clueless
  18. that would be extremely boring were they ever really successful with their albums tho?
  19. Chromatica is #200 on RollinStone building chart with 4.6k units
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