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What animal you were in your previous life?

little legend

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I see that "WTF" reaction @little legend


You just jealous cuz I was a majestic and powerful apex predator and you were a glorified RAT? :carly_bye:

5 hours ago, little legend said:

i want to change my answer to Quokka because im as much adorable as them :

Γίνε σαν το Κουόκα, το υπέροχο ζώο που είναι πάντα χαρούμενο - TodayfocusΤο πιο χαμογελαστό ζώο! (photos) | Typosthes

Quokka on Instagram: “#quokka #quokkas #perthlife #quokkalove #amazing  #beautiful #view #scenery #Australi… | Australia animals, Quokka animal,  Cute animal pictures


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Would've loved being a dog... A puppy lol 

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