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Fan Art - Born This Way Design


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So I felt like Born This Way would've suited a red satanic theme. So I designed this. I found a cover on google, but then there were aspects of it I didn't like so i recreated it myself. I was inspired by the red marble design vinyl I saw. Here it is, hope you like :) I coloured it red and gave her hair a red tint, it didn't look that good so I'm gonna get rid of it. I also made a CD



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1 hour ago, SLAG said:

Thats really cool:nicki_scream:

Thanks. I wanted to make a custom CD on Kunaki (its a CD production service) so i designed this. Its for a digital which I'm getting printed. It was super affordable it was $1.20 for the digital and $5 for the shipping. So i'm waiting for it to come now

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