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Compare Chromatica Tracks to Other Gaga Songs

nynj nights

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What is the song in Gaga's discography that first comes to mind for each track on Chromatica? And if you want, why (message, impact, vocals, production, etc)? Here's mine

Alice - Poker Face (lyric repetition) 

Stupid Love - Born This Way (message, production)

Rain on Me - Telephone (iconic collaboration)

Free Woman - Scheiße (message)

Fun Tonight - So Happy I Could Die (darker meaning despite upbeat dance production and titles)

911 - Dope (theme of battling with internal struggles)

Plastic Doll - Paparazzi (darker side of fame)

Sour Candy - Aura (lyrics)

Enigma - You and I (lyrics)

Replay - Bad Romance (arguably the best song on their respective albums)

Sine From Above - The Cure (songs about healing)

1000 Doves -  closest to a ballad, I think of Joanne first and the symbolism between doves and heaven

Babylon - Fashion! (production, runway themes)


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