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A Joanne Fragrance


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The Fame Popster 484

Do you think of decent smells when u see decent aesthetics? I do 

Especially with Joanne


to me a perfect Joanne fragrance would be peach / rose maybe a little vanilla. Not sure how it all would smell together but I’d live for another Gaga perfume

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Deactivated 14,311
3 minutes ago, Gypsy Guy Holland said:

She should put The Fame back into production and sell it with Meth Labs. :billie:

I’d buy that tbh. Fame was phenomenal! 

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ARTPOPster 1,319
27 minutes ago, Bakugo said:

She won’t ever sell her own fragrance ever again but for quick cute coin will jump onto a very well established brand 

Just say Valentino 

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