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Popster to Popster 2,686



That vulnerability is on display in the movie's central number, “Shallow,” a power ballad that comes closest to Gaga’s usual recorded fare. The rest of the soundtrack encompasses country-rockers (“Diggin’ My Grave”), Carole King-style piano bops (“Look What I Found”), and slow-dance duets (“Music to My Eyes”). This wide variety of Broadway-ready cues is the product of a dream team of songwriters, including Natalie Hemby, Hillary Lindsey, Jason Isbell, Lori McKenna, Julia Michaels, Lukas Nelson, and Mark Ronson.

But what grounds it all is Gaga's and Cooper's star power, and their natural flair for the dramatic. The day they filmed the movie's climactic piano torch song, "I'll Never Love Again," Gaga rushed from the soundstage to her friend Sonya’s bedside at the hospital; she passed away that day, after a long struggle with cancer. At the urging of Sonya's husband, Gaga drove right back to set and poured everything she was feeling into that performance. “I sang that song for Jackson,” she told Zane, “and for her.” 



1. Black Eyes

2. La Vie En Rose

3. Maybe It’s Time

4. Out of Time

5. Alibi

6. Shallow

7. Music To My Eyes

8. Diggin’ My Grave

9. Always Remember Us This Way

10. Look What I Found

11. Heal Me

12. I Don’t Know What Love Is

13. Is That Alright?

14. Why Did You Do That?

15. Hair Body Face

16. Before I Cry

17. Too Far Gone

18. I’ll Never Love Again

19. I'll Never Love Again (extended version)




I'll Never Love Again (Extended Version) 9.78
Always Remember Us This Way 9.76
Shallow 9.31
Is That Alright? 9.25
I’ll Never Love Again 9.24
Look What I Found 8.65
Diggin’ My Grave 7.87
Heal Me 7.80
Why Did You Do That? 7.67
Hair Body Face 7.65
I Don’t Know What Love Is 7.52
Before I Cry 7.5
Music To My Eyes 7.45
La Vie En Rose 7.26
Black Eyes 6.45
Maybe It’s Time 6.32
Alibi 6.25
Too Far Gone 5.87
Out of Time 5.47


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Popster to Popster 2,686

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