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Popster to Popster 2,956

Yes, somewhat. I'm a Virgo, and usually my horoscopes are spot-on, plus I fit all the typical characteristics of a Virgo. 

I also believe in the Lunar calendar zodiac (the one with the animals), and I find it super interesting to look at the zodiacs that combine both. I'm a Polar Bear in that system, and the description really matches me. 

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The Fame Popster 263

I don't think this is a relevant question. I wondered if I should post here, as I'm obviously biased on the topic. (you can find my reading of Gaga's chart as a topic here) What's there to believe in when it doesn't fully make sense? 

How come ~4000 years ago someone looked at the sky, found the planets, found the constellations and connected them in a cohesive body of work that explains why, me born in the 90s would experience certain specific things in my lifetime? 

And as someone that studies astrology intensively for over an year now, I don't want to "make people see the light", quite on the contrary. I'm content in seeing people don't believe it and brush it off, because when you go off the deep end, there are things that can f!ck up your brain, because if makes no sense how many things can't be escaped and will happen. Your belief in astrology has nothing to do with the fact that it'll affect you in the same way it'll affect someone that believes strongly. And as funny and messed up as it sounds, not believing in astrology can be shown in your chart quite obviously, so astrology literary says "This person won't believe in astrology" and by not believing, you actually prove that astrology runs deeper than what we'd think.  

I think pop astrology (your ""sign"" columns and horoscopes) is made to make people resonate (or not) with one particular sign and end it there without getting into it too much. 

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Kindness Admin 5,412

Not even remotely, but I do love my sign.

Happy Birthday Astrology GIF by GIPHY Studios Originals

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Popster to Popster 2,800
Posted (edited)

Not even a little but, similar to my feelings on organized religion, I understand that it brings peace, community, comfort and meaning to a lot of people - especially queer people - so I'm not going to disrespect anyone that finds fulfillment in it

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