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MARINA's new album "Ancient Dreams" released early in European stores.


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ARTPOPster 1,822

Literally, every single album I feel like from her since maybe since ever before Froot has experienced leaks of some kind that derails a bit of the beginning of the eras. 

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Moderator 3,182

A mess. I remember that Froot leaked like 1.5 months before release due to a Brazilian review copy and they had to move up the release of the album. 

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Pop-a-911-ster 23,748
3 minutes ago, Lorde Von Kok said:

Chile, the artwork.


Would have been better without that ugly font with “MARINA” slapped in the middle of it we-

overall I really really love it personally. 

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The Popster 228

CAN'T WAIT TILL IT COMES OUT. As far as now, it sounds amazing and it's probably her Electra Heart 2.0! Love It!

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