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Lorde (Von Kok) teases new single


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Just now, Lorde Von Kok said:

She's about to give usĀ WAPĀ meetsĀ Green Light.


Is it that hard to be honest?Ā 

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RideOrDie said this about the album. Put it in a spoiler as it could be considered one

Extremely summer-y, getting high on the beach album. My favourite track is #1 on the tracklist.

Solar Power is #2 on the album.

12 tracks + 2 bonus tracks

Not sure if she is gonna drop the 2 bonus tracks with the album or later.

Will be hugely acclaimed by the critics, some fans will be divided, the synth-bop stans will be disappointed and jump the ship, some complaints will be "all of the album sounds the same, there are no Green Lights or bangers", stoners will love this album, it's a mature natural direction for her to take, no teen drama or messiness, incredibly wise and confident, surprise background vocalists etc.

Beachy acoustic guitar psychedelic of the 70s, Beach Boys, The Beatles etc.

Not the new electronic style of psychedelic


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