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New EDM July 30th


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Pop-a-911-ster 28,867

Soooo I thought it would be cool to discuss some of the new songs that came out today, so feel free to give them a listen and write what you think of them, or to add more songs that came out today/this week. If this doesn't flop we could turn this into a weekly thing!

I ranked them from best to worst

Original tracks

Vantage ft Benjamin Ingrosso - I Found You

An incredible french house track that mixes disco and EDM and that sounds straight out of Daft Punk's Discovery. My favourite new song of the week tbh.


Jhay Cortez ft Skrillex - En Mi Cuarto

Just a few weeks after collabing with J Balvin on In Da Getto, Skrillex released another song with another latin urban start. En Mi Cuarto is a chill house track that has nothing to do with reggaeton or trap. I must say I expected a little more out of this collab, but it's still a nice tune.

DJ Snake - You Are My High

DJ Snake's new track borrows a lot of elements from many different genres such as G-House, trap or classic house. I don't dislike it and it has a lot of potential, but I feel likt it tries to do so many things it ends doing none right

Lucas & Steve and Tungevaag - Paper Planes

Lucas & Steve never disappoint and this song sounds amazing, but honestly, the production is a shameless copy of Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso's dreamer at some point :rip:

Lost Frequencies ft Calum Scott - Where Are You Now

Another soft dance track that, like most of this Belgian producer's music mixes electronic and organic sounds. I wish the drop hit a little harder, but overall it's a nice track and the production on the verses sound amazing to me.


Sam Feldt ft Lateshift - The Riddle

Surprisingly this is not yet another remake of the iconic Gigi d'Agostino track, but a tropical house song that reminds me a lot of Kygo's 2017-ish output, both on the bass during the drop and on the vocal chops. A little generic, but not bad at all.

Clean Bandit ft Topic & Wes Nelson - Drive

I like how this song is clearly a combination of both their styles: Clean bandit's signature mixture of EDM and strings, and Topic's slap house bass. Not bad, but so predictable it didn't really caught my attention.

Galantis & Don Diablo - Tears for later

Usually not a big fan of future bass drops, but I liked this track. The vocal production gives major Daft Punk Vibes

Alok ft John Legend - In My Mind

It's OK, but I feel like it has absolutely nothing that makes it stand out from a million dance track that will sound like that



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Pop-a-911-ster 28,867

Official remixes

Tchami - Buenos Aires - Mercer remix

I absolutely love Tchami's Buenos Aires so I like seeing it get another official remix, this time by his Pardon My French colleague Mercer.

Ed Sheeran - Bad Habits - Meduza remix

The first official remix of Ed Sheeran's latest hit is here, and I can't say I'm too impressed.


David Guetta and Afrojack - Hero - DubVision remix

Pretty generic future rave remix of the song


Calvin Harris and Tom Grennan - By Your Side - Sidepiece remix



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Moderator 4,707

This music video:

There is this twitter account in the Dua Lipa fandom that creates and posts amazing gifs, I'm waiting for them to post gifs from this video for my new avi! (My Love Again avis are also from them)

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