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Who else could sing Heavy Metal Lover?


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ARTPOPster 2,177

VERY random topic but honestly I miss when we could discuss random things as a thread so I’m doing it :oscar:

Who else could you see singing Heavy Metal Lover?

Personally, as weird as it may sound, I see Lana Del Rey singing it VERY well, let me explain.

1. The lyrics:

”I want your whisky mouth all over my blonde south”

”Let’s raise hell in the streets, drink beer and get into trouble”

”I could be your girl, girl, girl. Girl, girl, girl but would you love me if I ruled the world, world, world?”

”Whip me, slap me, punk funk

New York clubbers bump drunk

Dark the liquorice, bar slam

Move it this is your jam

Wash the night with St. Jam-eson

Like a baptism”

All VERY Lana from 2012-15 and possibly 2019

2. Melody:

The song itself stays consistently in the F Minor scale while using harmonic majors within the vocoder bridge. 
To me this is what makes the song sound so emotional and sad, when I first heard it I felt so heartbroken, I didn’t care the lyrics were about drunk bumping, it just sounded so sad and I loved it, it sounded like a song I would hear in the car late at night while driving around a city, that kind of nostalgic feeling ontop of the emotional Melodie’s displayed though the lines “Heavy Metal Lover” and “I could be your girl, girl, girl”. Overall, melodically this song is perfect for Lana and the vibe she brings which makes me feel like it could be even more perfect if she sang this :prideheart:

Could you also see Lana Del Rey singing Heavy Metal Lover? 
Or do you see someone different entirely singing it? 

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Kindness Admin 6,937

I'm not super literate when it comes to the anatomy of songs, but I could honestly really see someone like Lizzo doing it semi-ironically. It'd be a VERY different song but I'd love to hear it.

Also, I think Orville Peck could really kill it more in Gaga's style.

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