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Celebrities colours season 3 - Final Round



How the game works:

-Choose a celebrity ( everyone except Lady Gaga and the celebrities of Season 1 and 2)  


Celebrities of Season 1 and 2 (which you can't choose) :

In each round, there will be a theme with a colour , for example RED. The only thing you have to do, is to send me, a private message with a red outfit that the celebrity that you chose, has worn.


-After that, the panel of our judges will rate your submission

-In each round there will be a new Colour Theme

-After 10 Rounds the participant that has the biggest overall score will win


If you want to sign up , you just have to post below that you want to participate and include the celebrity you want to pick. Be carefull once you chose a celebrity you can't change it later, you will end the game with that celebrity. So choose wisely! 


Season 1 winner :  @Lorde Von Kok


Season 2 winner: @SLAG

Participants in Season 3:

1. @Franch Toast Gemma Chan

2. @Clever Username Nicki Minaj

3.  @donatellab Joan Smalls

4. @Delusional Kylie Jenner

5. @JennyWayne Alessandra Ambrosio 

6. @NotDoctor Hillary Clinton

7. @ARTPOP Aquaria  

8. @Miaou Afida Turner 

9. @Sir.Sim Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini 

10. @Gypsy Life Trinity The Tuck 

11. @GitHub Kristen Stewart 

12. @Bakugo Miss Fame 

13. @Joannesrats Daphne Guinness 

14. @PETTY Bella Hadid 

15. @Lorde Von Kok Ms. Caitlyn Jenner also confirmed as the Winner of the Season.

16. @corvus albus Cate Blanchet



If you want to be a judge, pls pm me!


Might be interested 

Special tag : @ViviLittleM
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POP University (SS2021)
Welcome to POP University. Located in North Bend, Compassion Hills this game will test your knowledge and define who is the biggest Lady Gaga stan!

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Celebrities Colours -Season 2

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PA911's Globalvision - S1: Into the Galaxy
Represent a country with a local artist and win the contest! Meltdowns, gags and bans are for sure happening. This game was created by @TeenIdle.
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POP a Oreo - Win Gaga Oreos
POP a 911 is proud to offer our first official and free competition ! We'll be sending out at least 5 Lady Gaga Oreo packages randomly picked from those who complete our very simple requirements. Click here to learn more and get started! Good luck Popsters.
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I'm very happy to announce that Popa911 finally gets its word spread!

We managed to get a Promo Tweet for the very first time!

We would like to thank @KatieJudasGaga4 for making this possible. If you have Twitter and didnt do it yet, go follow her! Her twitter is @JustAHolyKat44

The promo tweet:

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Win Signed Gaga Oreos (US)
You have to reply to six tweets to get six entries. Your response needs '@OREO #ChromaticaCookieHunt #Sweepstakes' in it to count. Here are all the tweets you have to respond to in order to enter:

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ASIB Megarate - Vote now
Join us and rate each ballad, country tune and jeans song from the iconic movie. It's fun now and more fun to argue about in the ceremony.
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POPa911 V2 is live
The second version of the website is here, please take a read and see some of the new features! Lots more to come, this is just the start.
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Official charts thread
Welcome to the official charts thread! Join and find day by day view of sales and streams worldwide with sharp analysis, lively debate and plenty of memes. *stable-horse.gif*
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