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  1. We're over 650 now. The real goal is to hit 1k before our 1 year anniversary in Sept. Grab some catnip and lure in some friends
  2. New to me, but it's pretty. Will add to the list.
  3. Well, I wouldn't call any of them exemplary, haha. Here's a shot of the messy eclairs and profiteroles
  4. I've been making some French things recently. Profiteroles, eclairs, various creme pats and madeleines.
  5. Yaassss. I made banana muffins. Half chocolate chip, half cinnamon. I've been eating one every like 2 hours.
  6. This is me in my youth. When I was a svelte 38.
  7. It truly did. Our terrible version of fireworks
  8. Hey popsters! We are so very excited to announce our two mods to the team: @Joesuda and @Sir.Sim! They'll be joining @Bakugo, @Dirkje, @SLAG and myself. We had an outstanding number of applicants and it was really hard narrowing it down. Thank you to everyone who applied and keep your toes peeled for some future additions and changes to the PA911 team. Our new mods are excellent members who have spread kindness throughout the forum and have been here since the first day. Please give them a congratulations and welcome them in their new role. All changes take time, so please be ki
  9. Yes, I've seen a handful them in unfinished state and they're truly beautiful. Don't know if they'll be everyone's tastes, but they're certainly mine.
  10. Lol, that has since moved into my roommate's room. We must have like 30+ plants now, but he only lets me keep two in my room, both of which are presently alive, lol. He went home for the month of Feb and I almost killed the palm, but it lived! I did kill a smaller plant tho, whoops. The plant in my room that I love in a pot I found from a local maker upstate:
  11. Hey kindness admin :billiecat: 


  12. I've already mis-reacted a few times with the adjusted flow. But this order makes the most sense I think.
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