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  1. Fair enough. I'm lagging and lagging, but I'm hoping we can start picking up users and increasing participation as we enter the colder months.
  2. PS I am sorry I hyped a redesign that I've yet to launch. My life just got a bit crazy and it's still too buggy to release. I won't have time to fix it this month, but I will be working on it at the start of November. Sorry popsters 

  3. I THINK the issues might be fixed with tagging and such? I'm still not really sure why, but I reset a few things just in case.
  4. Demon Drip Come back, we need you!
  5. But seriously, who is this last demon
  6. The way I read this as cats and thought, now THAT's a twist.
  7. Wow. Well, the god/dess wasn't really any good for us anyway. The seer is a bummer though. RIP @Dirkje - you were a good one. @little legend - of course you were a god.
  8. It's not my favorite video tbh. The switch is nice for sure, but nothing legendary.
  9. I think the song is beautiful, although I agree it doesn't give me that jolt that she can often nail. That said, every listen it grows on me. I think it's going to smash for a while and her second single is going to be an atomic bomb.
  10. I'm quite nervous @Franch Toast might be a demon because she stopped playing ARTPOP. Anyway, who around here can be trusted? I also assume @little legend is up to no good
  11. I've increased your message capacity, you poor little thing.
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