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  1. The best song on ARTPOP remains unbothered....the song that gave birth to my username
  2. Spotify Achievements (4/13/2021) Shallow crosses 1.463b streams (1,463,310,334) ARUTW crosses 584m streams (584,250,364) Rain On Me crosses 574m streams (574,760,744) Just Dance crosses 384m streams (384,025,785) Telephone crosses 350m streams (350,138,945) Born This Way crosses 289m streams (289,027,778) Stupid Love crosses 243m streams (243,202,927) Sour Candy crosses 203m streams (203,206,649) Monster crosses 50m streams (50,018,371) Bloody Mary crosses 34m streams (34,017,298) Telephone reaches 350m streams, becoming her 8th track to do
  3. April Daily Streams Week 1 — 55.69 Day 8 — 8.2M Day 9 — 8.4M Day 10 — 8.3M Day 11 — 7.44M Day 12 — 7.8M Total — 95.83M 2020 vs 2021 Monthly Streams Jan 20/21 — 175.1M / 247.81M (+72.71M) Feb 20/21 — 180M / 234.92M (+54.92M) Mar 20/21 — 239.7M / 256.03M (+16.33M) Apr 20/21 — 177.2M / 95.83M 2020/21 Total — 3.340B / 833.98M Compared to 2020 through the end of Mar — +143.96M Notes: Biggest Day of the Year - Feb 26 — 9.06M Biggest Day of the Month - Apr 09 — 8.4M
  4. And people really thought we were an old dead fanbase huh jokes on them...OGHs remain LOSING
  5. King Arturo making an entrance in the charts thread, it truly is 2013 again love it tbh
  6. okay Jeanne f- off we’ve been there 20 DAMN YEARS ITS TIME TO f-ING LEAVE STOP ACTING LIKE YOURE HELPING THE AFGHAN WOMEN LIKE OMG im sorry I saw this and was like instantly furious. She should get to stepping to Afghanistan if she wants to remain there so bad. Ugh. How about you vote to increase the minimum wage and you help people IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY instead of being obsessed with staying in another country for 20+ years ...on the flip side you have intelligent Senators like Chris Murphy like YAS Murphy out those endless war cheerleaders in their place
  7. Sorry to keep tagging y’all in sh!t today but there is a lot going on today....big news regarding the US leaving Afghanistan..... As you may or may not know Trump I believe had set a deadline of May 1st 2021 but when Biden took office he said that just was not realistic given the circumstances on the ground. Biden is now vowing by the 20th anniversary of the war in Afghanistan the US Troops will be fully withdrawn and this is NOT CONDITIONS BASED. We’re out! huge news guys honestly....
  8. Yeah I saw this in the news, thanks for sharing!!! Yeah I read a tweet that was like “you have a better chance of getting hit by a car on your way to get the vaccine” then you do actually getting the clot side effect... but that stinks for you, I’m sorry. I have mine scheduled Wednesday but it’s the Moderna vaccine....wishing the best for you!!!!! (even if you are an Eagles fan...)
  9. Really thought this was a cool article with graphics breaking down every Democratic Senator and their their position to reforming the filibuster....nice read and honestly very informative to see where each Senator stands....and obviously very important as the filibuster conversation will determine how much Biden can accomplish. Suggest for anyone with a couple of minutes!!!!! Hope y’all are having a good week
  10. 21 #1s in 2021 ....her mind..and we didn’t need to release the album to do so now the 10th best selling Digital artist
  11. Spotify Achievements (4/12/2021) Shallow crosses 1.462b streams (1,462,313,596) Bad Romance crosses 538m streams (538,270,405) Poker Face crosses 517m streams (517,255,204) INLA (Film) crosses 232m streams (232,037,544) John Wayne crosses 84m streams (84,018,524) La Vie En Rose crosses 57m streams (57,025,765) Free Woman crosses 48m streams (48,007,925) Starstruck crosses 34m streams (34,009,614) Highway Unicorn crosses 11m streams (11,000,005) Babylon is now Gaga's 49th (+1) most-streamed track, surpassing Teeth. Do What U Want ft. Xtina i
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