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  1. we were lucky to get a tweet (two in fact) about everything going on lmaoo
  2. HOG will likely premiere at Venice bc of the Italian connection, so similarly to ASIB we'll know if it's good in early September.
  3. whew the way ARTPOP just helped me slay a workout Maybe I was wrong about ha for all those years
  4. the way this is so funny rn https://kworb.net/itunes/artist/ladygaga.html two movie songs and an 8 year old album
  5. but will people stream the album? cause that's what really matters, iTunes doesn't matter at all anymore
  6. 1. Future Nostalgia vs ...Ready For It? 2. Don't Start Now vs End Game 3. Cool vs I Did Something Bad 4. Physical vs Don't Blame Me 5. Levitating vs Delicate 6. Pretty Please vs Look What You Made Me Do 7. Hallucinate vs So It Goes... 8. Love Again vs Gorgeous 9. Break My Heart vs Getaway Car 10. Good in Bed vs King of My Heart 11. Boys Will Be Boys vs Dancing With Our Hands Tied Rep: 4 FN: 7 Levitating v Delicate was hard omg I love both of them so much
  7. ahhh they called it "a classic scene" in the description wbk best movie scene of all time
  8. I had a Beyond Burger recently and it was really good! I could tell it wasn't real beef bc I knew what I was eating, but if I did a blind taste test I'm honestly not sure if I could tell!
  9. this sounds great, hope it's true! I'm worried going to campy will disinterest the GP but we'll see ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ A ballads album would be a smasha but I'm sure she's saving that for later in her career...
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