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  1. I just hate this spin of making it Israel vs Hamas. It makes it sound like there's no legitimate Palestinian side of this issue and that Palestine is represented by the terrorist group. There's a reason tensions broke and it's Israel's actions against Palestinians.
  2. Fixed SC is too generic. It's bottom 5 along with Stupid Love and Plastic Doll, sorry
  3. We said the same about Shallow. Even after hearing it. But we need general field. It's a travesty Gaga doesn't have one still
  4. If there's a song for the movie, it should come out after the Grammy deadline. I just KNOW Shallow would've won SOTY if it had time to prove its longevity. It was too soon for it to win SOTY because it had just come out.
  5. She always posts or says this when filming finishes
  6. Turns out he was an Ava stan this whole time, he probably looked at Gaga and thought it was Ava
  7. Inb4 Cheek To Cheek crowd goes to see Chromatica Ball and they die, not of coronavirus, but because of heart attacks from the electronic music
  8. Wait... what if this has to do with the Apple lawsuit. Maybe they wanted to sell live show tickets through the app and didn't want Apple getting 30% of that.
  9. Sad reacted because it turns out the person who returned them could have to do with it.
  10. Am I late to the "ARTPOP didn't rechart on BB200" mourning party? Ugh. I really thought. At least we got the triconic top 3 on the EDM chart.
  11. No different from a robot "human". They only made it look like a dog so people think it's cute and not creepy. 1312 includes robot dogs.
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