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  1. Obviously Gaga. This is a rock song, not musical theatre. Shawn tried to make it too pretty.
  2. Miss L. Gaga really did retire from singing, didn't she OT: slay, and don't come for me, I'm joking
  3. She needs to remove JnD and then do a proper re-release of ARTPOP with 3-4 new songs. Win win. Minimal work for her, and we get a taste of Act II.
  4. She could be rehearsing there in a sound proof room tbh If I were Lady Gaga I wouldn't give my neighbors a free show either OT: she's serving Hollywood glam X Born This Way
  5. I don't think it's that deep. She's probably just playing with it cause it's a cool new feature and she'll get bored and never use it again soon
  6. Inb4 her monologue is thinly veiled capitalist propaganda... the way we'd lose On ReChromatica, no one thing is equal to another thing and nobody can afford rent
  7. Wait I keep forgetting... is Grimes the person who is Elon Musk's girlfriend or BloodPop's? Also monologue... she better be serving Born This Way MV intro
  8. I cannot @ You're The Top being a bonus track. Should've been on standard and a single! To all those giggling at it, yes, it was actually intended as a double entendre. Cole Porter (the songwriter) was gay and he wrote many songs that hinted at it.
  9. My thinking is that the seats that were reserved for people who pressed select and hit Next (for about 15 minutes) timeout if they don't go through with it and get added to the pool again.
  10. There was a pre-sale? I should've read this forum. I hope I get something tomorrow.
  11. Gaga was giving us a preview of how her appearances and promo were gonna be LG6 onwards. She promoted the hell out of Million Reasons though.
  12. I don't like most of Billie's music or singing but I feel kinda bad for her. She'll live though. I wish people would leave her alone and cancel their orders or whatever in private.
  13. Anyway, ARUTW deserved full single treatment 💅
  14. Isn't her actual hair color almost black?
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