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  1. THe Biden admin and democrat party proving themselves to be the liars they truly are.
  2. Idk buy that time she’ll have to rerelease the album or at the very least put out the remix album to make it make sense. Glad I haven’t bought a ticket yet. Problem is I will have to fork out a f- ton of money for last minute pit tickets.
  3. But we need the good sis to release the album too
  4. Oreo and most Nabisco products use palm oil which is the number one cause of deforestation in Indonesian and Malaysian rainforests
  5. They’re meh just like the chromatica era
  6. Yeah God Kangana is such a idiotic rat... Diljit Dosanjh shut her up with some good clap backs... No I’m in the US but I’m Punjabi Sikh
  7. She helped a lot in boosting morale and awareness. This triggered so many of the fascist media and BJP accounts all over social media as you can see in some of the replies to her tweet but it’s so important that she did this. The indian government hates their prestige being ruined. Hell now even a California house rep in the foreign affairs committee posted that he would be watching the situation.
  8. I really don’t like the term “revival” because it implies the genre was dead which is just not true. The same way that disco and 80s sounding synth pop and dance pop has had like 234 revivals in the past decade, when really these genres are ALWAYS present. Just delve into everything outside of top 40. And to be fair Plastic Hearts only has like 3-5 really pop rock sounding songs (WTFDIK, PH, NC, BK, HM) and the rest are more pop, disco songs or ballads. So for rock truly to be the dominant sound it can’t be watered down imo. But I guess the subtle influences can always make a mains
  9. Gov Hooka

    Other artists?

    Outside of pop/dance pop, I listen to trance and progressive, with some deep house on the side. Above and Beyond (along with their entire Anjunabeats record label slate) Paul Van Dyk Aly and Fila (along with their entire Future Sounds of Egypt record label) Are the main ones I gravitate to.
  10. Oh wow this performance was great. I love Chloe and Halle. This song was one of my least liked on the album but this performance is so much better than the album version. I honestly want hard rock and Metal from Gaga. Not even pop rock like Miley’s lol I’d prefer for it to go harder
  11. Classic Rihanna responselol The thirst for her album is crazy. She’ll have a very successful comeback so long as the music is good, especially since it’s looking to be more of her reggae roots similar to love on the brain.
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