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  1. Hey, guys. I have just released an EP today. This is going to be a collection of demos of some of my unreleased songs where my vocals sound (kinda) good enough for release. I am doing this as my speech will never be the same after surgery. I guess one may call it a tribute to my old vocals. But you know what? I am grateful I'll still be able to keep my voice. The doctor's initial plan was to remove all my tongue as well as my voice box but I'm glad they found another way to remove my cancer. They're still gonna take away half of my tongue, but I'd take that ovet no tongue at all. My voicebox w
  2. Born This Way - Lady Gaga The Family Jewels - Marina Meaning of Life - Kelly Clarkson Infections of a Different Kind - Aurora Doo Wops & Hooligans - Bruno Mars
  3. Hey guys, just sharing my thread here. I hope ya'll don't mind:
  4. No. Never been a fan of nightclubs and we're still dealing with the covid surge.
  5. I have stage 3 tongue cancer.

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    2. Dirkje


      So sorry to hear that! Lets stay positive and beat the monster!

    3. Twitter


      Omg stay strong and positive, you will beat this! I’ll keep you in my prayers. :hugging:

    4. admin


      So sorry to hear this news, but definitely try to stay positive and trust them. We're all here battling with you side by side. 

  6. I'm about to face my new normal

  7. I was blockmates with a famous local celebrity (Nadine Lustre) when I was a freshman in college. She wasn't famous yet back then. It was pretty fun watching her become one of our country's most sought-after actress. Here's a picture of her: She also released a visual album last year: Here's a picture of us together (we were not close, but this was taken at the end of a semester and she was already filming her breakthrough film, Diary ng Panget [Diary of an Ugly Girl])
  8. 1. Gaga 2. Marina 3. Rina Sawayama 4. Aurora 5. Iko Garcia
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