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  1. I didn't know that headpiece was intentionally meant to look like a condom.
  2. It's usually just bad timing: ARTPOP - She was overexposed during the BTW era and the GP got tired of her. It doesn't help that the album's not GP-friendly too. Chromatica - She cancelled earth so earth cancelled her and started the pandemic. BTW - It's overall a very successful era. Unfortunately accidents happen and she injured her hip.
  3. Happy birthday!

    1. SLAG


      Thanks m8!!

  4. No way someone would be THAT stupid for mistaking a gun for a taser? I'm not buying it.

    1. chailatte


      I know. If a trained police officer mistakes a gun for a taser, than they need more training.

  5. Crossing my fingers I'm finally gonna have my tumor removed this week. :yasss::yasss::yasss::yasss::yasss::yasss::yasss::yasss::yasss:


    Cuz seriously, it's f-ing painful.


    1. Delusional


      AMAZING NEWS!!! Hope it all goes well :yasss:

  6. In my defense, I never had a car and I only started consuming alcohol at 19 and the legal age for drinking here is 18.
  7. You could turn to stone or the color of
    Men petrified by a woman.


  8. No, but in gradeschool I almost got my classmate's head crushed by a swing. It was an accident.
  9. Depends. I don't see myself being a parent in the next ten years or so tho. I can't imagine it right now.
  10. Gaga. She seems like such a very cozy person to hang out with. If not her, Aurora. I feel like we have the same weird personality lol. For Gaga, Born This Way. For Aurora, Infections of a Different Kind
  11. Last year I made a barbeque marinade for frying pork/chicken. I was craving for some pork barbeque but we didn't have a griller. I literally just used whatever ingredient I could find in the fridge that I thought would make a good marinade. The marinade itself is vegetarian-friendly. It can be used for tofu.
  12. 1. Future Nostalgia vs ...Ready For It? 2. Don't Start Now vs End Game 3. Cool vs I Did Something Bad 4. Physical vs Don't Blame Me 5. Levitating vs Delicate 6. Pretty Please vs Look What You Made Me Do 7. Hallucinate vs So It Goes... 8. Love Again vs Gorgeous 9. Break My Heart vs Getaway Car 10. Good in Bed vs King of My Heart 11. Boys Will Be Boys vs Dancing With Our Hands Future Nostalgia- 6 Reputation- 5
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