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  1. It was a toss up between LMR and FOHL. I went with LMR. Both incredible songs in her discography and I'm happy we at least got it as a deluxe track.
  2. But do I need to spend an extra $15 on delivery + tip when I can pick it up? That's my issue. I am with you 100% though. I just need to meal prep better now that I'm working so much. I can't imagine how much extra money I'd have if I didn't spend as much as I do on fast food" a week.... That HOA situation sucks, I'm sorry. I hope it's only temporary! I've found some GREAT things at second hand stores lately I'm obsessed with Plato's Closet since they try their best to keep the clothes as current as possible/not too dated. Not sure if you have one in you area, but it's a
  3. I never buy anything for myself and I hate that but I somehow spend WAY too much on food. I'm trying hard to scale it back. $30 for a shirt I'll wear for years? UGH. $40 on grubhub? YAAAS. I make sure my bills are paid on time though and I am working hard to build a decent savings account.
  4. I actually was a huge The Wanted fan briefly back in the day Glad to see it was in some trios, even if I didn't include it in mine
  5. Peaches is so good. I also have liked Justin for a while, I have zero shame.
  6. I don't crave sugar a lot but things like donuts are my weakness. I love a mixture of sweet & savory for breakfast but usually it's savory for everything else.
  7. Agree completely! I think, well hope, it'll be a really fun and exciting song.
  8. Something like Nothing Breaks Like A Heart would be lots of fun. I don't want it to be a ballad but ideally some fun rock esque song.
  9. None I can really think of. I'd be lost without Trader Joes and it's something that I legitimately am scared would hinder me from moving to an area that doesn't have one
  10. @Bakugo What is you doing... I'd redo mine but I'm at work and probably shouldn't invest that much time into a new submission SADLY.
  11. I was in a rush to submit this morning since I work 8AM-Midnight tonight and forgot I had immunity Can I redo my answers @PETTY Lemme get real wild
  12. I've said it before and I will say it again: I hate it here.
  13. .............. I totally remembered that.
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