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  • Who am I?Im a singer, songwriter, I love Lady Gaga and im a music and pop culture enthusiast. I love all things music. The genre really doesnt matter. Great music will be great music. I am on pop911 to spread kindness and love to everyone. Think of me as a brother. You can always talk to me if you needed someone to talk to.
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  1. Every member once they got a warm pancake from dirkje and got banned. Lol Just kidding. But yasssss. This is a classic. Dirkje showing some taste yet again. I stan.
  2. The disco vibe is undeniable. Get into it gheyssss.
  3. I agree. I was like. Waaaiiittt. It sounds fresh till now.
  4. That chorus is so good and eargasmic. Its superb.
  5. Both. They are both cute and adorable.
  6. What u mean. Of course. Yassss. and thats on periodt honey.
  7. Serving vocals, lewks, aesthetic. We have no choice but to stan.
  8. Pedophelia? If you are referring to chibi moon she is actually a 100 years old lol. She just doesnt age because of the silver crystal. Well thats what they says. Wait what male character should be gay. Their is already a gay couple there. Uranus and Neptune and well sailormoon is bisexual since she developed feelings for uranus and star fighter. Both are clearly women. Also not sailormoon being such a flirt ugh. I feel bad for mamochan
  9. Trust meeee. You dont wanna know but my favorite movies are of the horror genre and nowadays I also like animes alot specially now that sailormoon is coming to netflix on june 3rd with different dubbing and a sub. Make sure to watch it and support the sailor scouts as they fight in the name of the moon. (Btw, not sponsored )
  10. Not adult. Just weird artsy movies lol
  11. Even a the weeknd feature will be amazing tbh. Just imagine
  12. What im watching is not appropriate so I will just shut up
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