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  1. Not me being the only one going for Joanne and choosing Grigio Girls, Joanne stans help me out here
  2. It gives a reason for the dimensions of the video being more square than rectangle, as if it’s like a recording from the phone :)
  3. Oh I didn’t even realize, honestly it looks pretty cool
  4. Alternative pop rock is such an underrated genre I swear

    1. JJ Monster

      JJ Monster

      Agree! The whole Rock genre needs to comeback!

  5. Fine 11 Fabylon Fone Thousand Doves Flastic Doll Four Candy Fenima Freeplay It could be any song on the album
  6. Hey everyone! As promised I got my Q&A video done with all of the questions you guys asked me! :D
  7. Out of these two songs which do you like the most? Feel free to write down why in the replies below :) Ashnikko - Daisy Katy Perry - Daisies Also don't forget to stream a song I'm putting out this Friday called Butterfly!
  8. WAH Wet A*s Hearts ft. Ariana Grande, here for it
  9. The fact that I have a little song coming out this Friday and no one knows about it :eyega::oscar:

  10. Yes, me, but it’s only Plastic Doll so I’m not too excited about it, but it’s whatever I guess
  11. Alright it’s all closed off to further questions I recorded the video :)
  12. Don’t forget to stream the new singles! 🔥
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