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  1. Wow the singles did not do this album any justice but I guess it's better they worked out this way My top 3 faves besides any of the singles were: 1. Oxytocin 2. Billie Bossa Nova 3. Happier Than Ever and possibly Male Fantasy after them. WOAH HTE though, the super different way of singing for her is what REALLY makes this track stand out, and the crunchy production, I can see why she didn't want to put this out earlier even when she teased snippets of it
  2. I liked Shawn's pitch better but Gaga's just got natural soul and literally put everything into it so
  3. There's this one that DC has where many of the DC Crew fandom say that during the chorus it's saying "I don't wanna pee all alone" when clearly in the lyric video it's not that, at all
  4. Omg yes! I could totally see it being used for 911! And then a second part with Plastic Doll with pretty pinks and purples
  5. Going off of what we talked about yesterday, but now with the second singles instead of the lead. Which out of all of these do you find to be the most underrated? If I had to choose I would probably go with Happy because while I do think most of them are underrated, Happy is my favorite out of all of them and it’s just such a soul soothing song that I think needs to be out there more
  6. Don’t know if anyone on here knows about her, she’s kind of underground, and my dad is actually really good friends with her and her brother so that’s where I know her from
  7. Man’s World is SO beautiful, I do think it’s heavily underrated, I was gonna go for that one but FROOT is just not as popular as it should be, but then again Man’s World has the same situation going on, Man’s World definitely deserves to be played on mainstream radio that’s for sure, and FROOT would’ve been AMAZING to play last year when funk/disco was more on the scene
  8. It could be said that MARINA as a whole is underrated though she has stated many times that she hates it when her fans say she’s underrated as she feels like she’s already had everything she could ever want in life and by saying she’s underrated is our way of putting her on a pedestal she doesn’t feel comfortable being put on. So with that said, I’m just gonna ask what you think the most underrated LEAD SINGLE is according to the fandom. I would personally say FROOT. I say FROOT because even though it’s widely popular it’s also widely criticized as being the worst single choice she could’ve gone with. Here’s where you’re wrong. It’s warm, inviting, inventive, and most importantly, incredibly catchy. It’s the best way to open an era and the visuals just prove that. Anyway though, what are you thoughts?
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