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  • PronounsHe/Him
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  • Random factI'm a Cancer sun, moon, mars, mercury and venus.
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  • Who am I?I'm a makeup and horror addict, I love astrology and I'm a graduate with an history diploma. I'm also a writer, mostly poems in French. l always admired and adored Lady Gaga. Her bravery and kindness always made me thrive to be a better human than I already am, so joining a community full of little monsters sharing the same interest was a must.
  • My roleI love to play and host games and events, so becoming Gaming Leader was obvious. I hope I can bring funny and iconic moments to live with each others.

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  1. @PETTY is slaying this. Congrats hun. As for me ... well.
  2. This is such a cute story. I'm so happy to know that you had this moment and you didn't hold back. Sometimes, the things we fear the most are hiding greatness behind it. Congrats boo on your moment and yes, you are a star, period.
  3. I thought the Cast category was the best cast, not the best movie ...
  4. Welcome to Challenge 9 - Results. YOU DON'T NEED A SURVEY LINK WHEN A HOE ALREADY WON? SHE DONE ALREADY DONE HAD HERS *The winner of Challenge 09 will go to the person who received the highest amount of votes out of everyone in the challenge. The winner will receive immunity on Challenge 10* THAT CONCLUDES CHALLENGE 09 DON'T STAY TUNED BECAUSE THE SHOW'S OVER, BYE b*ch! @nynj nights @Lorde Von Kok @Gypsy Life @Blair Waldorf @Clever Username @little legend @SLAG @Twitter @ShesAMess @lavenderblondee @GitHub @Delusional @Sir.Sim @crazybadbich97 @PETTY @admin @Franch Toast @NotDoctor@Joannesrats
  5. PERIOD CONGRATS BABY @lavenderblondee - A THRILL TO SEE YOU SUCCEED As for my sister @nynj nights, I'm so sorry to see you go. You didn't deserve the shenanigans of this game.
  6. Voted for you once again @Gypsy Life Congrats hun @SLAG As for my safe placement ...
  7. The way I gave it a 10 and I don't recall.
  8. I didn't submit any comments. Sorry for flopping this round folks. Struggling recently, but will do better next time. You know me - FROM THE SEWERS, FOR THE RATS.
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