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  1. when am I getting my BTW rank wtf 


    also stream @ProjectJoanne new Singles The Way (I Like to Move) and Detrevortni right fcking now

    1. Sir.Sim


      At 500 I guess 



    2. ProjectJoanne


      And @MiKEY’s singles Dreams and Think Of Me 💅


  2. a cultural reset. The way.mp3 the had the whole world SHAKING.
  3. @ProjectJoanne upcoming album
  4. @Battle For Your Life you’ll get through this. We all love you so much. 

    1. admin


      Yes yes yes. 

  5. Album about 70-75% done.

  6. Check out my Fun Tonight 80s remix 


  7. MiKEY

    Fun Tonight 80s

    have fun tonight
  8. Happy birthday!! Hope you had a nice day and wishing you continued success with your music career over the next year :kiss:

    1. MiKEY


      Thank u Ily :love:

  9. Happy birthday 🥳 

  10. DC - The Way (I Like to Move) and Detrevortni - OUT NOW #DC3isComing

    1. Twitter


      E X C I T E D 


      Omg and happy birthday!!! 

  11. Dreams Remix by @Battle For Your Life out now on my YT! Thank you :prideheart:

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