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  1. I understand why she doesn't want to open up a healing wound but this response is so kindhearted. Still, you'll only break your own heart if you carry a torch for ARTPOP Act II.
  2. I did when I had an hour-long commute, I still do but not as much. I like cringe AC stations even my mom is like "can we pls not listen to KOST"
  3. Lets just say, Dua would be incredibly lucky if everyone knew all the words to Don't Start Now (oops said it wrong) and Levitating in 2032
  4. I think about this all the time because I hate BTW but I love when popstars get in their own way 😈 I wouldn't want it any other way.
  5. Good thing her name is Lady "Kitschy, Funny, Tragic Tragedy" Gaga That last line... that would be me with, like, every actor. If Salma is in this film, does that mean Gucci is fully on board? I would be so angry if I was part of the Gucci family, or do you guys think everything is chill between Gucci fam x Gucci brand (hahahaha)?
  6. She's probably off the hook if she agreed to x amount of shows over x amount of years and the window has passed. Here's what I said in Feb. which I still stand by: With concerts cancelled indefinitely, Just because it's easier for an artist to reschedule an exclusive residency versus a 50-venue tour doesn't mean they're especially obligated to fulfill their contract. I assume the contract was for 74 shows from 2018 - 2020 versus essentially "two years of shows, whenever and however we can get them." Live Nation is trying to cash out their once-in-a-lifetime premium policy to c
  7. Reminds me of her tour interludes (duh.) The styling and visuals for Chromatica were so strong Mods, can we get a cheers emoji
  8. My skin care routine is basically just neutrogena oil-free face wash 3/week + the ordinary AHA 30% & BA 2% 1/week. I have very dry skin and I absolutely haaaaate the feeling of moisturizer (and spf and foundation). I've tried like all of the cerave moisturizers, they're... fine, kind of pile-y under makeup. I thought I would love lano 101 ointment but it's... fine. I actually love plain old aquaphor (I'm a chapstick addict) but I know it's a petroleum by product, comedogenic so I resist lathering myself in it. I really need a good gel-based moisturizer!
  9. The ARTPOP era nearly destroyed a lot of people emotionally, physically, professionally, the list goes on and on. I'd love to hear songs from the vault but I'd also understand if Gaga doesn't want to revisit that era of her life. She never releases the same album twice and so, so much has changed since 2013. Maybe with the ten year anniversary coming up in two years, they can put together a re-release with vault songs, alts, remixes. I also think this is clearly a plea from DJWS that she calls him for LG7. I hope she sees this bro!
  10. If people disavow or distance themselves from racists, et al., it's kind of weird to say their response is rooted in an 'us vs. them' mentality of their own making. Racists instigate the 'us vs. them' mentality with discrimination/violence. For example, lets look at the Capitol siege: Phase 1: Trump supporters invade the Capitol & kill people. Phase 2: People on the left react to the situation. Phase 3: People on the right accuse the left of kneecapping any chance of national unity if they impeach Trump. After phase 3, what is point of engaging with the right if you're
  11. 1. How does a pre-order for a regular vinyl sell out in 3 days I know they're not in post-production! Let me in! 2. Why are the jumpers nearly twice as much as the old jumpers
  12. He is right the ruling class fosters animosity between races to quell class consciousness while in reality, immediate material concerns create, if not explicitly racial solidarity, some sense of solidarity. He also does a good job noting the blame rests with politicians. However, I don't generally agree with the argument both sides are equally responsible for the animosity. The only people who benefit from this false equivalence are ultra-conservatives invested in and hoping to shape the narrative (a narrative, once again, most people are not concerned with). For example, when GA republic
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