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  1. Let's hope my basic taste will prevail like usual
  2. You guys should realise that these awards are called the Razzies for a reason
  3. Only 10 left. Happy I made it this far, although I'm not suprised that I did it since I have impeccable taste.
  4. Shallow now ranks among the top 200 most viewed Youtube videos of all time Although BTS' Dynamite will knock it out soon for a few days
  5. If anyone submits Swine expect a big fat zero
  6. Ukraine sends QUALITY to Eurovision year after year. UK, Spain and Germany, please take notes <3
  7. I had the resist the urge to submit Natalia Gordienko's Sugar I genuinely considered it since I already have immunity
  8. Happy I have immunity this round
  9. Flopping and slaying the most at the same time
  10. Her 12th/13th single in the past 2 years Meanwhile on average we get one every 2 years
  11. Happy Pride month I guess 💔
  12. I'm so happy I ditched Xtina's Beautiful last minute for YMCA
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