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  1. Is thyme to tek aut zeh t r a s c h e
  2. I wouldn’t be surprised if part of the reason was also that this movie was directed by a female and this is their way of trying to sabotage it to show “female lead and directed movies don’t perform well” while still maximizing their own profit.
  3. I will only refer to this movie as Hog from this point forward
  4. The way she brings it up seems likes she’s implying more that she’d rather not get a contact high, if she could go to the f*cking spa Not minding something doesn’t mean she’s ok with it if the contingency is she gets to go to the spa, which is pretty unrelated to her fans smoking weed/ being too high/ giving her a contact high “I wouldn’t mind coming to your wedding, as long as there was free food” to me sounds like “I don’t want to come”
  5. Gagas fanbase just isn’t as dedicated and united as it once was, Gaga no longer seems to care about bringing people together anymore either. As much as BTS and Taylor never interacted with their fans personally and closely on a group level or individually as Gaga has done in the past, the content Gaga has been putting out just doesn’t make/ keep the fans happy. She’s made it very clear since ARTPOP pretty much, that she will just put out and do whatever she wants and what benefits her career and her goals the most, Jazz album, whatever Joanne was, ASIB, Haus Labs, Chromatica, it seems her mindset or her teams mindset is things are always only done for a) career purposes or b) fan service, there’s just no in between. for me personally it feels like now she just does whatever she wants and then throws us a bone to make sure we’re still around. BTS and Taylor buy into the parasocial relationship much more and with Taylor dropping 100 Easter eggs and the kpop system of teasers and snippets that actually lead to rewards (and not endless teasing and empty promises like Gaga) it brings the whole fanbase and reels in the casual fans along for the journey and puts everyone on the same page for long enough to have them stream, buy and watch. the last time Gaga was able to unite the fanbase and all the casual fans, was the SuperBowl performance, and it shot all of her songs up the chart as fun as it is to “watch your fave succeed” and feel like you’re contributing to it, it gets harder everytime Gaga seems to just assume we’ll throw money at everything she touches with the potential of her throwing us another fan service bone
  6. I live In Canada, I can confirm this is true
  7. So like she stop stanning when BTW came out or what also that girl needs to let Cardi speak, keep interjecting randomly
  8. But saying she basically hates her fans for giving her a contact high and being too high at her meet and greets with the same fire that she has towards her sis and dad seems a bit misaligned, that’s the only part that’s sus for me “don’t smoke weed” and “I didn’t like the vegas shows because my fans were high” are pretty different sentiments
  9. The part where she drags her fans for smoking weed is strange, doesn’t sound like something she would say. But at this point we have no idea what she’s really like/how her thought process has changed because of this whole situation
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