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  • Who am I?I’m a huge Gaga fan and a music fan in general. I have always enjoyed forums and I came here because I saw this forum becoming the best Gaga forum to be active on.
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  1. I actually love this. It’s very 90s and I stan all 90s aesthetics
  2. - SHINE Record - "3 nights" by Dominic Fike - @Elvira
  3. NEWS _____________________________________________ NAPLES NATIVE DOMINIC FIKE JUST INKED A RECORD DEAL WITH SHINE RECORDS BY SEBASTIAN ALSINA • PUBLISHED APRIL 12, 2021 If you haven’t heard of Dominic Fike yet, you will be very soon. Sources are reporting the Naples native just signed a big deal with SHINE Records — who just signed BLACKPINK’s Lisa earlier this year. The news is incredibly inspiring to the youth in our city. As a kid who didn’t grow up with a lot in the remote city of Naples, FL, Dominic Fike is sure to go far. The most impressive part about D
  4. @Elvira SHINE Records would like to add Dominic Fike to the label.
  5. Welcome to the team @Sir.Sim & @Joesuda hope you warn all the farmers and chartsters accordingly
  6. F A S H I O N Fashion Nova releases LiLi’s 'TOMBOY' collection ad by Jasmin March | 11 April Although LiLi’s collaboration with fashion brand Fashion Nova completely sold out within a day last week, fans now have the option to pre-order the items so that they can get it the minute it restocks. The brand is waisting no time on continuing the hype of their new collection with the KPop star. On their Instagram and YouTube channels, Fashion Nova released a 30-second fashion clip displaying the clothing and accessories that the "Tomboy" collection has to offer. LiLi looks stunning as
  7. POP LiLi Shares Preview of Second Single 'Euphoria' By Lindsey Evans April 10, 2021 The single takes us to Euphoria on Friday. BLINKs have been trying to find hints and clues all week about what LILI’s upcoming second single "Euphoria" will look and sound like since her announcement last week. She has so far shared information regarding collaborators -- such as writer Destiny Rogers and producers The Stereotypes (Cardi B, Bruno Mars). Now, she is offering fans a very brief 10-second snippet of the track. It shows LiLi about to dance to a blank background. Whi
  8. HOME > FEATURES > INTERVIEWS Meet LiLi, the KPOP Turned R&B Singer with Superstar Potential “I want my confidence to rub off on my fans so people can get inspired by that and have that same confidence.” April 11, 2021 Lisa "LiLi" Manoban may be an upcoming R&B solo act, but she has all the polish of a seasoned veteran and has been making music in the KPop world for years. At 24, the Thailand-born and South Korea-based LiLi is entering the solo game as a pro. She's dedicated half her life to becoming one of the biggest Kpop act with her group B
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