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  1. I wanna be a Chromatica Greeter
  2. I only remember that cuz of all the drama around it, otherwise I would've forgotten too
  3. In college I was basically a full time pirate
  4. As of right now, NO. I really can't stand children, even in small doses. I've gone back and forth before but the main thing I come back to, is that I'm not interested or willing to make the necessary sacrifices. The only way I could see doing it in a healthy way for me, would be to have full-time, live in help and that is way too expensive and if I cannot have kids without someone else to take care of them, I probably shouldn't have kids at all.
  5. Our sad queen I'm truly shook that she acknowledged the fan base at all
  6. For Ga probably Born This Way, I'm sure there's a lot of fun stories about that album For another artist either Florence Welch and talk about How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful or KT Tunstall and talk about Tiger Suit cuz that album is sick and it gets paid dust
  7. I'm glad that he is rejecting their call to go piece by piece, that would just get caught in a mire and Rs would be able to kill it without ever giving ground
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