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  1. Happy bday, SLAG-apuss! 

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      Thanks babes!! 

  2. Well: https://www.instagram.com/p/CNnFKRonwzA/
  3. I'm a hardened criminal : I've driven over the speed limit. I accidentally sent hand sanitizer in the mail not knowing it's illegal to do so. I shoplifted a Minnie Mouse doll when I was 4 because my parents wouldn't buy it for me, but I didn't realize I was committing a crime. Back in the day, I downloaded music from file sharing sites. I bought lots of pirated CDs and DVDs in China and southeast Asia. I consumed alcohol under the age of 21. I have consumed something else that is legal in many places but wasn't legal at the time and place where I used i
  4. Don’t forget the other half of that album is about Blakey...be prepared for some mushy stories that make you puke. But at least you’d get rich writing your juicy tell-all about Gavin Rossdale, the nanny, and his love-child, among his other scandals.
  5. You can also make tofu katsu. It's pretty tasty.
  6. For Gaga, I'd pick the ASIB soundtrack so I could have some variety in terms of genre and vocalists, and I'd get all the dirt about whether she and Bradley actually hooked up, and any stories related to the filming of the movie. For another artist, I'm going to pick Tony Kanal of No Doubt/Dreamcar because I think he's sexy and seems like a very pleasant and thoughtful person to be around (we're just going to pretend his wife doesn't exist in this scenario ), and he seems pretty quiet and soft-spoken, so he wouldn't annoy me. I'd pick Tragic Kingdom as the album and find out all the lowdow
  7. I saw this on the Reddit r/popheads sub and thought that it was an interesting question: You have to quarantine with your favorite artist for 2 weeks on one condition. You can only listen to and talk about one album of theirs during that entire period... Who would you pick and what album of theirs would you listen to/discuss? Why? Since this is a Gaga forum, feel free to answer which album you'd pick if you were to quarantine with Gaga, and then also name another artist/album if you so desire.
  8. Diamond Heart vs. Alice A-YO vs. Stupid Love Joanne vs. Rain On Me John Wayne vs. Free Woman Dancin’ In Circles vs. Fun Tonight Perfect Illusion vs. 911 Million Reasons vs. Plastic Doll Sinners Prayer vs. Sour Candy Come To Mama vs. Enigma Hey Girl vs. Replay Angel Down vs. Sine From Above Grigio Girls vs. 1000 Doves Just Another Day vs. Babylon __________________________________ 7 Joanne, 6 Chromatica
  9. One of my newly acquired skills during the pandemic has been making my own Chinese hand-pulled noodles. I follow this recipe, which is completely vegan unless you add an egg.
  10. We shouldn't be shaming anyone for their bodies, but @blankpaper and @GagaSine have pointed out some crucial ways in which they're not equal.
  11. Congrats @Sir.Sim & @Joesuda! I hope you're better at moderating than at judging Celebrity Colors ...Joking of course... (or am I? )
  12. In before they're all little Yetis.
  13. Native speaker of English. Fluent in Mandarin Chinese. Proficient in reading Classical Chinese (which is only a written and not spoken language). Basic level of reading Cantonese Chinese, but cannot speak it (yet). Intermediate level of Japanese. Intermediate level of reading French, but cannot speak, listen, or write anymore. ( I can translate French literary theory into English but can't hold a basic conversation. )
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