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  1. Friday the 13th stole my heart, sorry to the other trios, but summer camp and murder, yaaaas! I can't remember what I chose for the other seasons, because I was torn.... Good luck, y'all.
  2. You mean how the season here differs from the first season on Popa911? Or the version on GGD? Because I think the GGD version is adapted from the original ATRL game, but instead of judges, everyone votes, and unlike the version here, there is no prism, plus the themes are different (not just colors but also other types of fashion themes, following ATRL's lead). If you mean how is this season here different from the first season here, I'd say that it's different because I'm playing with a much better celebrity when it comes to monochromatic fashion (sorry, Gwen; I still love you, but you and your camo and plaid can stuff it. )
  3. It's time to take out the trash indeed, Patrizia. I love bad b*ch Gaga.
  4. I have a PhD from an Ivy League university, and here I am failing a Lady Gaga online course We love to see it.
  5. I'm sorry, @GitHub. Welcome to the other side where we watch the cool kids playing games without us.
  6. @Grande Legend, I hope we still get a rainbow round this season. Don't be homophobic.
  7. I haven't looked up everyone's looks, but I think y'all could be the top 2. Edited to add: I checked out a few other celebs, and based on a cursory glance, there's some tough competition (but it ain't from me).
  8. Sent. Delulu is totally winning the next round though.
  9. I mean, the ceremony for the orange round already is ages away; you'll be a grandparent by the time S3 rolls around.
  10. But Priyanka will be crowned the winner for sure with this auto mechanic look.
  11. They loved Shrek cosplay, so they'd probably eat this right up.
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