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  1. yeah he (?) allegedly had shirts made for everyone in the cast and crew
  2. Heart of Glass was a GREAT song choice for this. I actually really liked the editing & vibe of this!
  3. this looks a lot better than I was expecting
  4. Some years ago I made it my mission to watch every Mister-Lister film to see if they get more insufferable and self-indulgent the more they make (they do), so I watched How It Ends tonight. I get it was COVID, but this was barely even a movie they just walked around having an existential crisis and talking to actors they are friends with irl fun fact: Lady Gaga once visited the set of their 2015 GMO political thriller because Taylor Kinney played the lead
  5. tbh this wouldn't really that interesting of a role for her for me personally, but I am interested to see her continue to expand her film repertoire regardless edit: Well I guess it depends on the script. Any role could be interesting if the script is good
  6. these ceremonies are always when I'm working and I can't be arsed to read through 45 pages to see everyone's outfit so congrats to the winners and my condolences to the bottom dwellers I'm sure your basic looks deserved better etc etc
  7. I'm living for one of the comments being "stylish but bad"
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