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  1. same, every time I look at a living space my first thought is how hard would it be to clean
  2. ya'll who said "no" have never broken a copyright law?
  3. - Etirkāla Records - "Spicy Tunaz" by Lex Junior, "Baby" by Major Lazer - @Elvira
  4. hello fellow /r/popheads user I would discuss ARTPOP with Gaga and then once she kicks me out for bringing up the unmentionable, I would take a jaunt over the pond to discuss /\/\/\Y/\ with M.I.A. Then when I realize she has been paying no heed to COVID-19 precautions, I would leave to go quarantine with Sleigh Bells to discuss Treats because they seem like cool & reasonable people.
  5. There's a new video with Jared Leto's character freaking out about something relating to copyright infringement which is truly just the peak of irony for me
  6. Alice vs Marry The Night Stupid Love vs Born This Way Rain On Me == Government Hooker Free Woman vs Judas Fun Tonight vs Americano 911 vs Hair Plastic Doll vs Scheiße Sour Candy vs Bloody Mary Enigma vs Bad Kids Replay vs Highway Unicorn SFA == Heavy Metal Lover 1000 Doves vs Electric Chapel Babylon vs You and I 6:5 the tied ones I don't have a strong preference in either direction
  7. my 0 flops given remained unbothered
  8. I haven't exchanged much more than pleasantries with my dad in probably 18 years, but I'm pretty close with my mom
  9. I was wondering the same. I can't remember the place I saw the supposed dates before, but I don't think it was supposed to go past mid-April. In other news, a really short video clip of the wedding scene has surfaced. I haven't been posting any videos here, but it's the top post on the /r/adamdriverfans subreddit for anyone interested.
  10. I don't eat meat except for rarely when I get takeaway, so I have tried a few different types. Some I prefer to actual meat, but I try to limit them because I prefer not to have ready-to-eat and prepared foods as part of my regular meal plan.
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