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  1. I need to stop reading “stans” as “stabs”…
  2. Mariah was influenced heavily by disco, she wouldn’t have a career without it. Taylor is only one example of this generation of music - the disco era has 50 examples of an artist whose music has lasted a lifetime.
  3. Please it could’ve been songs from 2004 and he’d be acting like they’re ancient Tibetan chants
  4. And maybe if your generation took y’all’s heads out of y’all’s asses you’d understand that some music from before you were born is better than anything y’all’s cute lil favs could write in a career’s worth of singles that are just songs for 3-minute radio pandering
  5. I wish producers knew that “representation” isn’t turning white characters into other races, it’s making new characters that are from other races and cultures and bringing that into their background.
  6. That’s not real life, I’m not exactly concerned with people on Twitter that don’t have perspective on anything
  7. It won’t catch on but it’s no skin off my back. If intersex people want a flag that gives them a shoutout then let them have it! Doesn’t hurt the rest of us at all. They are included in the pride flag itself as a whole, but so are trans people and they have their own lil part of it with the Progress flag. I’m not bothered by it but whoever designed it could’ve played with it a bit more.
  8. of course i can’t do this round when this is my favorite genre
  9. The fact that a stereotype of a Cuban song took me out
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