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  1. I hate it. It doesn't look comfortable at all. There's too much empty space, there's pretty much no function to minimalist spaces. And a lot of the time it looks cold and empty and unfinished.
  2. I have one with a couple million views, maybe I should've used that to my advantage somehow
  3. No, I’m a good communicator and value the time of others
  4. No, not for me. The way Gaga talked about those songs and the way she included them in the album prove that they have a higher importance. The same way that Replay has more importance to Chromatica than Sour Candy does. The opinion of how good a song is is objective, but for a theme of an album? That's pretty cut and dry
  5. Yes, again, for YOU. Thematically, they are very important. More than Manicure or Gypsy.
  6. Well no wonder you think it's a horrible, trash album if you dislike some of the most important songs on it. Still doesn't make it a flop, though! And DEFINITELY not the fault of BTW.
  7. It's almost as if artists write about their experiences and the healing around them. If you don't like it, don't listen.
  8. no, including the one with that was the most preordered song in itunes history up to that point lol
  9. time will tell babygirl, but ARTPOP wasn't a flop. a flop doesn't have a sold out tour and multiple top ten hits
  10. It's completely pointless to discuss its performance today when the memory of the album is completely marred by the ending of the era with her management flaws. The only reason why TFM and BTW get better streaming than ARTPOP is because people look back on it with rose colored glasses seeing it as a peak in her career while people only see ARTPOP as a personal, professional, and artistic failure due to the media slandering and the overall public's reaction to watching her career allegedly fall apart in front of them. It's impossible to compare an album that was under incredibly unique ci
  11. ARTPOP didn't even flop, though? Also, don't blame the supposed "flopping" of an album on what came before it. Applause was a great hit, it was well-received, and people were excited for her. The problem was the management and exploitation of her and her talent. People realized that she wasn't going to do what they wanted her to do and so they left her for dead. THAT was the reason it "flopped." Btw, it sold really, really well. It was comparable to other releases at the time with first-week numbers, streaming numbers, etc. It just didn't sell the same amount of first-week sales because i
  12. It's really cheesy and campy and I like the sound of it. I won't skip it but I won't seek it out. So no, it isn't a bad song, just not my taste.
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