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  1. Nah I already think it's too much. Even if it was full Poker Face + Bad Romance, with Just Dance and Alejandro as breakdowns/interludes I'd be perfectly happy. Make more room for other songs that could fit Chromatica theme.
  2. Just a cute update from me - I'm after my 1st dose! In Poland over 23% of population is fully vaccinated! 40% of population is after 1st dose.
  3. Yes. Her old songs desperately need remixed versions. Personally I would be absolutely fine if she left Just Dance - Poker Face - Bad Romance. Add cute Alejandro breakdown/interlude and that's it.
  4. Any news about possible release today at midnight? I don't want to listen to leaks
  5. Same. I'm more shook that she wrote something personal to us than about mentioning ARTPOP. Is this a dream because I don't want to wake up
  6. Yes, I stole one piece of chandelier as a kid I remember being around 5-6-7 years old. We visited some people house and they had this crystal chandelier in living room, similar to this: They were repairing it and those hanging pieces were laying on a table. So I pretended to go to bathroom and as they were busy talking in other room I took one crystal piece and hid it in my pocket. Then went to bathroom and later just hanging around with them like nothing happened. I have no idea why I did this, I never stole any other thing in my life
  7. I need Free Woman picture disk NOW But is Gaga really big in France?
  8. But wow I am still in shock, will this be a turn in her relationship with fans?
  9. The way that Gaga spoke about it, but every thread about the topic on ggd was closed into oblivion I just woke up and started to laugh I can't believe she FINALLY wrote something to us!
  10. This was really a touching read. I'm glad that he decided to share this story and his feelings with us
  11. Honestly I don't know. I think that he has some sort of trauma that he still hasn't processed. Something seems off.
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