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  • Who am I?I'm Dirkje, 27 years old, I'm here because I absolutely live for forums. I will always love the vibe forums have, they became a lifestyle! My hobbies are going to popconcerts, horseriding, going out with friends. I'm here to be myself and express myself. Its very hard for me irl to find new friends so this is the solution!
  • My roleI'm a moderator of this forum because I really believe in its potential. I think that if we play our cards right we can become a big and well known forum! I want to try to let popa911 become the first big forum that is 100% drama free!

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  1. Should have been here now too. Or you should have been more clear in title
  2. Since you mentioned her, lets appreciate how Dua Lipa is the perfect example of learning. In 2016 she knew dancing wasnt her thing, yet its part of performance. She got negative feedback, sometimes you may call it bullying. And Boom! the new dua blew everyone away during her EMA performance!
  3. Yep, it was only right for me to mention her, since she isnt in the poll
  4. All time? Janet Of this generation? Normani
  5. I wish I could answer this. Really, being jobless is no fun. Future is bright, it just needs some time. I'm willing to take anything I can get at this point tbh.
  6. OMG I saw this happening and thought it was part of the performance! Oop! I'm so happy for her having her moment though. The VMA's are learning and its only right for them to give her those awards since her songs are in the charts for months straight!
  7. While I get your point, thinking about innocent victims never harms. Also be aware of survived victims, or their friends/families could read it and get hurt. If this happens to your family, you would feel too.
  8. Same, but when I was in New York, we visited that place. We also went to the museum over there. Which is just insane, and hits home what happened there. So if you were too young, and get a chance to visit New York, visit that area. It will act as a wakeup call on what happened there.
  9. What do you remember? Where were you when it happened? Never forget! Thoughts to the friends and families of all the victims!
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