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  • Who am I?I'm Dirkje, 27 years old, I'm here because I absolutely live for forums. I will always love the vibe forums have, they became a lifestyle! My hobbies are going to popconcerts, horseriding, going out with friends. I'm here to be myself and express myself. Its very hard for me irl to find new friends so this is the solution!
  • My roleI'm a moderator of this forum because I really believe in its potential. I think that if we play our cards right we can become a big and well known forum! I want to try to let popa911 become the first big forum that is 100% drama free!

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  1. She must have said: "Ooh, what your waiting, what your waiting, what youre waiting for?"
  2. Nope. My latest update is that I have everything I listed above except for Plastic Hearts. The seller refused to respond to me. I'm sure I'll find it somewhere else soon.
  3. I found this video, and I thought I'd share it. Its pretty interesting to understand how music we know today has been developed during the years. This is about Dua Lipa's Love Again. The original was from the 30's. It got sampled, and then in 2020 (or 2021 as the single release) it was sampled again by Dua.
  4. Its probably too soon for meet and greets. Maybe when most people can proof they got vaccinated.
  5. Do you rather drink coffee or tea? And how do you like it? I like both coffee and tea, I like my coffee with some milk and sugar :)
  6. Which music videos released this year are your favorite? Which deserve to get nominated for a VMA? Discuss!
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