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  • Who am I?I am a government professional by day and second in charge there. I am a Gaga stan, lover of music in general. I love anime and manga, video games. I play and collect Yu-Gi-oh! trading cards. I’m also a huge Funko Pop collector as well. I have a beautiful Poodle x Beagle named Venus Extravaganza who gives me the most joy in life. I do it all for her!
  • My roleI was apprehensive at first to lodge my application because I have had no experience being a moderator. However, I have had way too much experience training and managing staff. What could be different? I am quickly learning and I see huge potential in this forum, which is the ultimate reason I wished to become a mod. If I could be an integral member here in making this place amazing, keeping the integrity of what it was built for alive etc. then I feel I have done my duty as not only a Gaga stan, but as a human. I always vow on being kind and always intend to be especially here.

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  1. Pop University is closed down. thanks for attending this semester.
  2. Well yeah- Unlike Bitter Old Babs, Olivia recognises TALENT!
  3. Not you putting that 2nd place yourself
  4. Damn my professionally shot feet pics are coming down!
  5. The Theme was: MOST UNDERRATED OF ALL TIME HERE ARE THE RESULTS OF THIS CHALLENGE. WITH 10.5% OF THE VOTE: WITH 21.1% OF THE VOTE: WINNER WITH 47.4% OF THE VOTE AND WINNER OF POPA911'S MOVIE AND TV TRIO SEASON 1 IS: I'm now going to go bury myself in a hole and return sometime in the near future. Just like a Cicada! It's been good. Hope you all had fun. Hope to do it again. @nynj nights @Lorde Von Kok @Gypsy Life @Blair Waldorf @Clever Username @little legend @SLAG @Twitter @ShesAMess @lavenderblondee @GitHub @corvus albus @Delusional @Sir.Sim @crazybadbich97 @donatellab @PETTY @admin @Franch Toast @NotDoctor
  6. WHILST WE WAIT FOR ME TO FINISH TYPING OUT THESE WINNING RESULTS HERE IS A SHORT AD BREAK @nynj nights @Lorde Von Kok @Gypsy Life @Blair Waldorf @Clever Username @little legend @SLAG @Twitter @ShesAMess @lavenderblondee @GitHub @corvus albus @Delusional @Sir.Sim @crazybadbich97 @donatellab @PETTY @admin @Franch Toast @NotDoctor
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