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  1. Still do. Need it for Pokemon bank
  2. Hi Craig, I don't think we talked much on the other forum. But I've seen you around.
  3. I know but she just doesn't do it for me, Like, I love her, but not in a way that would ever turn sexual.
  4. I've sucessfully bootlegged every live show I've ever been to since 2012. However, I've not been able to test the waters post pandemic or post LV shooting, so I may not be able to smuggle a PCM-10 in as I've always done before. I guess the only way to find out is to try.
  5. I want to go too. We should go together. I can bootleg the whole thing!
  6. my friend :hug: I remember you from OGG <3 back in the DAY.
  7. Try the ones on FlashPoint Blue Maxima. There actually were 3 Lady Gaga ones preserved, including the iconic Lady Gaga's Hot Dog Stand: "Ever wonder what Lady Gaga will do if she run a hot dog stand? You have introduced new hot dog shop where lady gaga will take care of it. Now, your task is to make lady gaga to prepare and serve the new hot dogs to the customers according to their wish. Keep in mind! If the customer waiting time exceeds, the customer will move away from shop. Click or point and click with your mouse to pick up, place and serve food to customers. Keep y
  8. I miss you. How are you holding up these days? 

  9. Omg. We can recreate Gagaville together, seriously lol.
  10. I did. I actually set the wheels in motion for Gagaville to be archived along with 354,000 files off of Farmville. I could not let that game die with all of it's Gaga history within it. There's actually a petition to bring Farmville back, and it would mean a great deal to me personally if you guys would consider signing it. https://www.change.org/su/p/zynga-start-farmville-again-on-a-new-platform-when-flash-expires/f Speaking of flash, the archivists at Flashpoint BlueMaxima saved tens of thousands (excepting my partial Farmville project) of Flash games. You can download them legall
  11. I like your avatar!

    1. Valorious


      Thanks Dirjke! You and I were friends on Operation Gaga years ago. 

    2. Dirkje


      Yup I was pretty active in Operation Gaga. But did you have a different username back then? 

  12. Say, can we have a media section for the mashups and downloads and stuff?
  13. where is the media section on this site? there should be a spot for people to post downloads. 

    1. Dirkje


      I dont think we have that yet. This forum is still new and building up. But its a great suggestion!

    2. Twitter


      The forum is still relatively new and a lot of new changes are coming next year. I like that idea of having some sort of art/media section so I’m here for it.

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