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  1. Taste I loooveee The Rocky Horror Picture Show
  2. The new Katy song is truly a mix of Daisies and NRO but it’s an okay song
  3. I read a conspiracy theory the other day, that they inject male and female dna with the vaccine and when you receive it, then you start transitioning into the opposite gender. So if i get my vaccine, I’ll get a penis for free
  4. Chromatica II is the only act on Chromatica that has no skips That’s the truth don’t @ me
  5. The way I'm second place and I just googled 90s RnB songs
  6. the VMAs version of SL slaps so hard, that song is 5x times better live and I can't wait to hear it at the Chromatica Ball So sad we only got one Chromatica performance this era
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