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  1. Should I even give them traffic just to check if they banned me too?
  2. Good morning ONLY TO stans streaming ARTPOP. I'm about to finish my 10th loop of ARTPOP for those 140 streams already
  3. Gaga front and center https://www.glamourmagazine.co.uk/gallery/met-gala-best-dresses
  4. A whole a** thread "Will Lady Gaga give us her unreleased album? What we know so far" https://twitter.com/i/events/1382071262348865539?s=09
  5. So I gave at least 140 streams today. It was also playing up until past midnight so it's probably closer to 150 (plus a few repeats of Venus and the title track). I've started the loop again for when I sleep. I might be able to give it 150ish streams again tomorrow for Spotify. If at least 1,000 fans stream the album once, that's 14,000 streams. I think we'd probably have 400k streams by the update for today Tuesday, max of 450k. I don't think we'll cross 500k because some of the streams are coming from AM. If the plan to push streaming parties will happen harder on Wednesday, then we m
  6. Can't say about Belgium but I made a playlist containing it and it stayed on my desktop Spotify months after it was officially removed. Maybe some others still have it that way?
  7. Umm eww why is Katy being inserted in the narrative again ENOUGH
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