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  1. He was a popular contestant on American Idol
  2. No it’s just up to @Delusional and what order he wants bills to go up for a vote. You can ask him to put your bill up next if you want or just wait it out until yours come up.
  3. I don’t think the people who vote on the Grammys will even give the song a chance. Or I could be wrong and they may want to avoid backlash by nominating it
  4. Members of the House may now vote on this bill as submitted, with no approved changes from the Speaker: CHOKE Act VOTE HERE: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeTkAYnVUAE0OghsLmdoz1zjAhxJgzLRTGHg3FO4Q7sD-5qlA/viewform?usp=sf_link THINGS TO NOTE: Votes will be made public Simple majority needed for it to pass Voting is open for 24 hours
  5. Yes Unless you already want to bring it to a vote?
  6. It's about time! How long has she been with Blake? I feel like it's been almost a decade now
  7. The next bill on the House agenda is the CHOKE Act, authored by @BenG. Since this bill was introduced by a House member, only other House members may engage in the debate for this bill and only House members may make suggestions to tweak or amend the bill. Once the Speaker informs me that enough debate or changes have occurred, I will create a voting form for you all to vote in. If the bill succeeds then the it will go to the Senate and they will then follow the same procedure. Here is the bill that is currently up for debate: Chromatican Healthcare: Operation Kindness and Efficiency
  8. Bill title: Mandatory Identifiable Data Collection and Transfer (MIDCAT) Act Author: @BenG Bill description: Data is the future and is a valuable resource. It allows us to spot patterns and trends, helping us efficiently allocate precious resources to best benefit the Chromatican society as a whole. To ensure we have the most up-to-date and vast amount of data, we need to make data collection compulsory. With identifiable data, we can also ensure that our fellow Chromaticans receive the best help, which would be tailored to their individual needs. The data collected will be
  9. Yeah you’re nomination for that one was unexpected. I’m convinced hardly anyone read the descriptions
  10. That’s true, it hasn’t passed but if it does then the bill is set in stone. And if it doesn’t pass then you have the opportunity of introducing a similar bill in your chamber. Personally, if it failed to pass, I’d give up on the bill for this session as we only have 4 weeks. Maybe you could try introducing a similar bill next session. Just so we can focus on other issues.
  11. Usually, the Senate does make changes to a bill passed by the House but that would require another round of debate and voting with the new changes since it’s not what the House originally passed. Since we’ve been hung up on this bill for a week already I don’t think we should keep at it any longer. I need to give everyone time to discuss other things. We just don’t have the time or frankly the interest of most people to be stuck debating one bill for possibly another week. It’s not supposed to be that realistic or else I’m sure people would get bored I appreciate your interest and in
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