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  1. stream LFs in full at least once and you'll find out I am always very skeptical when it comes to grammy submissions and not submitting 911 feels like a travesty, but also the kind of travesty her team would do. Unless they think submitting different projects with different vibes will work against her, andthey focused on the one that's the most likely to win aka LFS
  2. and literally any other Gaga album Kick Love for Sale I Concentrate on You Under My Skin Dream dancing so the one coming out tomorrow will be its sixth video but is anyone watching them tho?
  3. Moth To A Flame on Spotify WW: 4-6-8-6 USA: 2-4-7-5 Germany: 15-16-17-17
  4. I hope this is a hint for the sound of her next album
  5. Even if LFS goes out next week, which is definitely a possibility, I am sure it'll outchart it in the long run. Unlike Smile. LFS has a lot of chances to reenter: Thanksgiving, the holiday seasons where people are more likely to buy and stream jazz music, when the grammys give LFS exposure, etc
  6. so the only thing Lana needed to do to get another commercial hit is screaming instead of whispering for once?
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