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  1. Oh I forget to mention the year, it was 2018/2019 NYE for me. And that is true though, it is different everywhere because I've been to a lot of concerts, so it was a little different each time that I went to. But I really think it is important for it to be much more strict in these days because to prevent crimes from happening obviously.
  2. Some of this I didn't know but it makes a lot of sense now.
  3. I'm not sure but if it wasn't for the pandemic, she was going to do Enigma and Chromatica Ball Tour.
  4. Well the last time I've gone to Vegas was during the New Years Eve period which was Dec 27- Jan 02. And I went to the two Enigma shows on Dec 28th and the 31st. I remember the New Years Eve show was very strict, where there was certain things you couldn't bring in. Like I bough the Enigma poster but they wouldn't let me bring it in. And I saw there was a woman that couldn't bring in her backpack. So it was definitely very strict.
  5. Wow I'm impressed you did it this long lol! Well let me know when you do it when you go!
  6. I've been to Vegas a lot and there's a lot of things you can't get away with in Vegas these days
  7. I hope everything opens up in 2022 too and I can't wait for you to see her live! And did you happen to had Chromatica Ball tickets?
  8. It's definitely not a bad song, because her voice is incredible in the song and the instrumental of the song is amazing!
  9. How cool! I was 15 too for my first time!
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