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  1. I'm so sorry for what you went through and I give you my condolences and my paws is up for you! And I want to say thank you so much @admin for creating such an amazing site and I found a lot joy of being on here! And so so exciting for your future plans on this site! Happy 1st Anniversary!
  2. I think the OG Chromatica album production is fine but until I heard the Dawn Of Chromatica is when I thought that's the production was needed.
  3. No one said you have no taste, it's your own personal preference!
  4. Congratulations!!! Your album so good!!! My favorite song on the album is Oh My Mind
  5. Alice vs Alice (Remix) Stupid Love vs Stupid Love (Remix) Rain On Me vs Rain On Me (Remix) Free Woman vs Free Woman (Remix) Fun Tonight vs Fun Tonight (Remix) 911 vs 911 (Remix) Plastic Doll vs Plastic Doll (Remix) Sour Candy vs Sour Candy (Remix) Enigma vs Enigma (Remix) Replay vs Replay (Remix) Sine From Above vs Sine From Above (Remix) 1000 Doves vs 1000 Doves (Remix) Babylon vs Babylon (Bree Runway) vs Babylon (Haus Labs Version) And what's yours?
  6. Exactly! Her nose is the answer to everything
  7. Her nose is truly iconic and now thanks to ASIB, her nose is finally getting the recognition that it deserves.
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