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  1. Definitely underestimated her talent at first, but rooting for her now!
  2. Right? Joanne ends on such a sad note with Angel Down and maybe rightfully so. But JAD would have made for the perfect optimistic closer, similar to the feeling you get with Applause and Babylon on their respective albums
  3. Joanne/Just Another Day for me Although LMR is quickly growing on me. I unfairly dismissed it for not fitting the same sound as the rest of Chromatica, but the more I pay attention to the lyrics, the more I realize it is a vulnerable, cute bop. I just wished I didn't have to go out of my way to listen to it
  4. Which album had the most cohesive deluxe/special edition tracks, and which individual track is your favorite? Pick and discuss below
  5. Well that would have been the one
  6. Also I was so close to changing one of my responses to the (Dixie) Chicks. Glad I didn't
  7. tbh without the rock band discussion during voting, I probably would have voted for this I'm sure Radio Ga Ga saved him
  8. Sorry to see you go, @A Little Monsterrr and @CokeDestroyer. Your trios were also great. I think this was the toughest round so far. No one really disappointed.
  9. Congrats @Franch Toast and @JennyWayne - iconic trios, well-deserved
  10. Yeah the notice came out of nowhere, but likely a result of the pandemic and the HOA not wanting “outsiders.” The owners want to sell the unit though so I’m going to be forced out anyway. Luckily it’s only a few more months, and I’ll be looking for a smaller place in the meantime. Thanks for the Plato’s Closet rec! There are a few local consignments in my area but I just looked it up and there is one super close to me, so I think I’ll check it out too this weekend
  11. Hey! Happy Birthday to my favorite squirrel/chipmunk! Your hybrid can mean NE-THING  :laughga: Sending much love your way on your special day :kiss:

    1. danwasd


      tysm bestie :bradley:

  12. I need to since my savings account is slowly bleeding. Good thing is I don’t have a car payment anymore but now I have tuition bills and I need to pay double rent for a few months because my HOA abruptly stopped allowing subletting I also spend way too much on food, but I do need a new wardrobe. I’ve been putting it off for so long. Time to hit up the consignment stores
  13. Ok voted. I think this was a tough round because we all wanted to respect the legends while also including current/recent hitmakers. And like others said, there were relatively fewer options for girl groups. All of the songs and trios are good imo so it's really up to personal preference To the boy band group - I'm glad two of you recognized The Wanted. Unfortunately only one could get my vote
  14. I didn't think so too originally, but now I have an iconic group in mind, and want to change my answer but afraid the band won't fit the mold of a "girl group"
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