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  1. Happy Birthday PA911 Thank you for everything you do @admin and so sorry about your loss as well No need to apologize, we understand and are here for you and looking forward to what you and the rest of the mod team have in store for this site that has meant so much to me. We really have a great community here Also don't forget that Gaga's best music video since Marry The Night (I said what I said ) also dropped one year ago today. Give her a stream
  2. I complain sometimes but ultimately yes. I just need to figure out a long-term position that pays better
  3. idk I find that more insects want to come INSIDE once the weather starts to turn OT: the slight chill and crispness to the air. Fall is great running weather! And yes to apple picking and all things pumpkin flavored at Trader Joe’s
  4. I was actually rooting for your ‘Boys too but like @Nightwing said at least a L for you so less pressure for us
  5. Alice vs Alice (Remix) Stupid Love vs Stupid Love (Remix) Rain On Me vs Rain On Me (Remix) Free Woman vs Free Woman (Remix) Fun Tonight vs Fun Tonight (Remix) 911 vs 911 (Remix) Plastic Doll vs Plastic Doll (Remix) Sour Candy vs Sour Candy (Remix) Enigma vs Enigma (Remix) Replay vs Replay (Remix) Sine From Above vs Sine From Above (Remix) 1000 Doves vs 1000 Doves (Remix) Babylon vs Babylon (Bree Runway) vs Babylon (Haus Labs Version)
  6. VOTED This should be interesting given the varied opinions
  7. I’m jealous of all of you with artistic creativity. My mom used to go all out with decorating my childhood home, but for some reason I didn’t get that gene The most I do is watch Halloween-themed shows/movies. Last year, I watched AHS: Hotel during October and timed it so that I watched the final episode on Halloween. I would give out candy but it’s not possible where I live I don’t think I have dressed up for a party since college but I feel like I would want to try it at least once in adulthood. And I know exactly who I would want to go as
  8. Same! Maybe because it reminded me of Alejandro and it’s music video. Everything from the religious imagery and choreo to the lyrics about letting your lovers go.
  9. It gets better after multiple listens like Chromatica, trust me. But agreed, I had to force myself to do it and I get what you mean that if you done like Halsey to begin with, you might not give the album a second chance. That’s kind of been my experience with Solar Power.
  10. Yup that’s why I only mostly order online now so they get the shots correct and so I don’t have to be THAT person asking for light sugar
  11. SAME OT: Starbucks by default since there’s no Tim Hortons in NYNJ. Can’t tell from this thread if I’m missing out or not
  12. I watched Cruella last night now that the premiere access is gone and it was surprisingly better than I had expected it to be from just watching the trailer. I hope there is a sequel
  13. Exactly! The mixing and smooth transitions are what I hope could happen at TCB if it ever happens
  14. They're pushing I am not a woman, I'm a god on radio near me which makes the most sense as a "single", but I agree with a comment I read about how IICHLIWP is Halsey's "ARTPOP" in terms of not caring about the commercial success, but giving the album a grand rollout with visuals and all. Although the reception among fans and critics seems to be positive so far. I need to give the album more listens, but I'm enjoying the new sound and Top 3 on first listen along with I am not a woman, I'm a god are Bells in Santa Fe and Easier than Lying. 1121 and honey are starting to grow on me too.
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