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  1. it''s kinda boring. the cassette is boring, but it's too similar to the original for me. i'm glad i never bought it
  2. i thought that they were reliable but ur probably right. little monsters are so easy to fool, thats why there's so many insiders that do lady gaga "leaks"
  3. it's so weird too. it literally dropped out of nowhere and it's smashing already
  4. mariah serving longevity gaga peaking higher than taylor with only 1 album release in 2020
  5. i loved this song but i think people who aren't doja fans would just think it's weird. You Right would be a great single
  6. yeah this. the tea they gave was so vague. literally anyone could've come up with that, because it's so vague and believable.
  7. random but LoveGame aged well and it's still a bop 13 years later
  8. i hope she does. it's a great album, #2 albums are so unsatisfying
  9. yeah. the song was kinda meh. hopefully the album is a serve tho
  10. papa don't preach by madonna is such a serve. 


    storytelling in songs is always interesting for me, it's not just ur typical love song, or whatever


  11. i think the whole scanning ur photos thing is an invasion of privacy but i think it's worth it in a sense, if it helps reduce CP being spread across the internet. of course it can and most likely will be used to hack and search people's images...
  12. honestly HTE was better than SOUR in my opinion, it serves more variety and it's lyrical content across all the songs are different.
  13. tbh i'm not that excited for the remixes, i've never been a fan of remixes but i am excited for the babylon haus labs.
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