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  1. I feel that but even with bad partners I made my own fun lol but my approach to hook ups was not healthy back then, I had zero standards and anyone who showed interest in me, I slept with
  2. Y'all sound like you're doing sex wrong Anyways I find most things overrated but that might just be the depression talking
  3. I think so but I'm very poor so I kind of have to be
  4. I find sweet stuff gets overwhelming/cloying too quickly, but savoury I could eat an endless amount of lol To curb my addiction to chips I used to eat roasted seaweed every single day because I was craving salt so bad
  5. I watched this performance last week! So good!
  6. Yes I love it. Lots of cool arts and culture, sadly it is slowly turning into a giant suburb and it's breaking my heart but I can't afford to live there again anyway.
  7. I don't think population control is ethical, but I do think people having less kids, especially in developed countries, is a good thing for the world/environment
  8. English, and I dropped out
  9. My wallet and waistline mostly lmao but a local pizza place always has 2 for 1 on Wednesdays so I think I'm gonna make it happen
  10. You guys are making me want to order pizza tonight I love love love a plain pepperoni and cheese pizza but I've been vegan for three years now so that is a distant memory. Sadly vegan cheese is mostly awful so I literally have sad cheeseless pizzas with veggies on top, or I make sure they go light with the vegan cheese so I don't have to chew through a rubber brick of dairy free cheese that is basically just oil & starch. I particularly love red onions, mushrooms and olives on pizza. There is also a pizza place a couple towns over that makes a vegan version of one of their s
  11. I love tattoos, I used to want to be a tattoo artist because drawing was my passion, but I simply cannot justify the cost and permanence to get any done myself. I just can't be 100% if I will always love the design and I am broke af
  12. I just watched her performance of Judas on Graham Norton today! So good!
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