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  1. Because she wants people to hear his last album with her. A Star Is Born was carried by the movie and she wanted to focus on the acting and not the music part that much and the situation with Chromatica was just very unfortunate for her, it is what it is.
  2. Yes you can talk about it but its good to have a reminder from time to time before more people goes like "Why she's doing this? Nobody cares now" when they see that it wont do what they expected
  3. My friends, L4S is only done because Gaga honestly loves Tony and Jazz and overall wants to give him a perfect send off for his career for what he did for her. This is not about charts, streams, sales and stuff like this, we're talking about jazz music full with covers in 2021...
  4. I mean she helped him with money, paid someone to help him with his mental health and apparently he even stayed in her home when he was in recovery, it would have been pretty shitty of him to talk bad about her.
  5. Both Joanne and Chromatica are some of Gaga's best work and overall just screams how versatile Gaga is and how well she can adapt to different types of genres. I'm the kind of person that loves to hear a song like 911 and Rain On Me but also enjoys songs like Joanne and Angel Down aswell (and yes I do have some albums that I don't enjoy that much before some of you comes with the "you always kiss her a** sh!t)
  6. The thing is, the actual reviews and overall reception will happen when the era will start and not everyone would be like those people that she probably heard, we also heard things like this about ASIB before it was released aswell and we all know how it ended like. The one thing that people should not do is to quickly jump into conclusions, even if the movie for example would get a bit of mixed reactions, the movie could still end up being a big contender for the Oscars
  7. Broke her hip and was left with an ugly condition that would pretty much probably hunt her whole life. I honestly wish she was taking care of herself more back then (but probably the toxic people around her didnt let her too)
  8. Their entire existence on social media in a nutshell literally. It's the Gaga mention that bothers them that much, Olivia pretty much put a nuclear bomb up their a** when she mentioned that Gaga is the best performer of our generation (at least that's how they act like)
  9. Like I said, she moved on most likely because she had to duo to her schedule, her moral towards the rollout of the era was most likely not at it aswell. Her not responding to Ariana or for the Grammys, she probably didn't had the time for it, like there are times when she does video messages for winning MTV Miaw awards but not for the Grammys? Yeah her mind and focus most have been mostly on the movie
  10. What opportunities if she moved on from the era duo to all those things that I said? She could not do the promo that she had planned which probably had to go throughout the entire summer cause then later she had to have time off to work on HoG. And it doesn't matter if this is a passion project, she still decided to do an online performance which means that she could pull one of those for her own music aswell (now she probably has the time for it and doesn't have the whole world against her to ruin her plans). Change the scenario between L4S and Chromatica and we would most likely have a backwards situation. The whole thing was just unfortunate
  11. She has performed before just last year without a live crowd and she's doing an online performance just this month so I don't think this is really the problem here. Her not doing more last year had more to do with the world problems/her not having time/moving on from the era because of the plans being ruined
  12. I say here time and time again that Gaga doesn't get enough promotion (I pretty much said a lot of times that the promo for Chromatica was luckluster) so where do I defend them here? Just because I don't say at least twice a day how much they suck, doesn't mean that I agree with everything they do. I just like to think from other perspectives aswell not only from my own. The reality is that Gaga's main priority is not about charts or breaking records because if that was the reality then we would have known this via her being a lot more mainstream, she would have NEVER missed the opportunity of making Sour Candy for example a single if she was really thinking about the charts, but in my own opinion, this was just her experimenting, trying something new instead of having numbers. Gaga would have pushed her team to be better if she really wanted numbers, charts, records etc. Just because her ambition is not really to be this record breaking goddess or stuff like this doesn't mean she's not f*cking relevant in her own way (I'm just saying, not trying to put words into your mouth). Gaga is at a point in her career where she doesn't really need charts to stay relevant and I know this must be sad for some people around here since people here loves charts and stuff but It's the reality.
  13. Honestly, I don't think they care about it, they just wanted a quick promo for the BTW tracks, they probably see Shallow as this huge song that doesn't need promo anymore.
  14. Exactly, I'll be very very happy if she gets the 2nd nominations with HoG. Some of Gaga's fanbase treat her Oscar nomination like its nothing literally when its an amazing achievement for a simple actress alone not talking about someone who turned into actress while being extremely known for being a musician (which we all know how hollywood feels about it)
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