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  1. Mr. Perfectly Fine and You All Over Me are amzaing, and the rerecordings sound amazing too!
  2. No, having kids would be way to big of a responsibility for me and plus kids are annoying.
  3. In my state there is this wierd law where it is illegal to dance or work on sunday so I guess I break the law every sunday
  4. I checked Wikipedia and it said it was a single
  5. I made Chicken Katsu! It was simple and took like 10 minutes to make but I plan to make curry sometime to go with it! (excuse my terrible camera quality)
  6. 1. The Fame Monster 2. Born This Way 3. ARTPOP 4. Chromatica 5. Joanne 6. The Fame 7. A Star is Born 8. Cheek to Cheek
  7. Discuss anything about food and cooking here! What you like to cook, cooking tips, etc.!
  8. I can never keep any houseplants, even succulents alive. For the first few weeks I water them way to much and then just forget about them.
  9. I threw some honeydew and cantaloupe seeds in my garden and I'm just hoping they'll grow. For some reason I can never get plants to grow if I plant them but they always grow if I just throw out old fruit or seeds.
  10. Me too. It's slightly better but a lot of it was just unfortunate track listing for lover.
  11. Welcome to the second album battle! I'll be comparing Future Nostalgia: Moonlight Edition and Lover! How it works: I'll be comparing songs by track listing. I'll put the winning song in bold. Whichever album gets the most points wins! 1. Future Nostalgia vs I Forgot That You Existed 2. Don't Start Now vs Cruel Summer 3. Cool vs Lover 4. Physical vs The Man 5. Levitating vs The Archer 6. Pretty Please vs I Think He Knows 7. Hallucinate vs Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince 8. Love Again vs Paper Rings 9. Break My Heart vs Cornelia Street
  12. Everyone is telling all their inspirational stories and all I've done is watch tiktok all day and have 34567 zoom meetings😭
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