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  1. I’ve always felt like I used to be a farm girl in Indonesia
  2. What are you're favourite tv shows. Call me basic or whatever but I love these 1. How To Get Away With Murder 2. Gossip Girl 3. The Vampire Diaries 4. The O.C 5. The Simpsons Also feel free to leave tv show recommendations
  3. It can be anything! I find a lot of things to be overrated...
  4. Cool, breezy, and sunny is the perfect combo but I also love when it’s really rainy.
  5. That chorus is so good and eargasmic. Its superb.
  6. Which album had the most cohesive deluxe/special edition tracks, and which individual track is your favorite? Pick and discuss below
  7. The deep yet straight forward lyrics, The aesthetics (That is still way ahead of its time till this day), The hard hitting music, The choreography, The everything. Gaga served. What Born This Way song (apart from Bloody Mary ehem ehem.) Do you like/love till this day?
  8. I usually don’t watch bad movies But probably like a Marvel movie
  9. Welcome to the official thread for all things related to the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics! They begin on July 23.
  10. A new All Things thread. This is for the holidays. Rn I'm creating it at the end of Summer break. But for some people, this is Winterbreak. Or if you work and dont depend on school holidays, this thread is also for you! Have you been on vacation? Have you plans of going to? Share with us! Anyone can revive this thread in times of a break/holidays!
  11. Hey guys, I know it may sound weird talking about this with the recent events, but I just want to make a somewhat normal post to get my head more clear. Is it possible Lady Gaga and Rina Sawayama might perform their remix/version of Free Woman at the VMA’s? I mean it’s VERY possible, the 911 film just got nominated twice so there’s still a possibility that maybe Gaga can make somewhat of a “surprise appearance” and who better to do that with than Rina Sawayama? (Not comparing artists just going off the possibility that the Free Woman remix might be a single ) What are your thoughts, you think she’ll do anything? Will there be a duet? Will 911 win its categories? Tune back in when they all happen
  12. This thread will be the place to discuss everything related to the physical editions of the album, and the goal of this OP is to make an extensive list of all the announced variants: CDs Standard CD (10 songs) Target CD 12 songs + alt cover International deluxe CD (12 songs Love For Sale + CTC live audio CD) Made in Japan 12-track version Apparently there'll be a 13-track CD for japan but it's still not up on CDJapan Vynil Standard Vinyl Yellow vinyl Alternate cover (exclusive for certain retailers like FNAC in France, HMV in the UK,Target in the USA) Picture disc Double vinyl Limited edition Boxset CUSTOM 2-PIECE DEBOSSED INDIVIDUALLY FOIL STAMPED/NUMBERED TELESCOPE BOX INCLUDES: -LOVE FOR SALE VINYL -30 PAGE CUSTOM EMBOSSED SKETCHBOOK, FEATURING 3 SKETCHES BY TONY BENNETT -PENCIL/SHARPENER SET VARIOUS PRINTS INCLUDING: -4 PHOTOS -6 LITHOGRAPHS -3 WATERCOLOR PRINTS -2 CONCERT POSTER REPRINTS -1 RE-PRINTED LETTER Casettes
  13. Who is going this week? I’ll be at both shows and would love to say hi to anyone going!
  14. That album that will never get old to you no matter how many times you play it and/or your go-to album whenever you don’t know what to play! Mine would have to be Golden Hour by Kacey Musgraves
  15. What are your favorite misheard lyrics? Are there songs you misheard the lyrics? This thread is all about that! Post them here and lets start the fun :) To get into the mood, I'll post my all time favorite misheard lyrics video: Enjoy! XD
  16. Would you be here for Gaga to continue the Chromatica era with Free Woman as next single?
  17. Going off of what we talked about yesterday, but now with the second singles instead of the lead. Which out of all of these do you find to be the most underrated? If I had to choose I would probably go with Happy because while I do think most of them are underrated, Happy is my favorite out of all of them and it’s just such a soul soothing song that I think needs to be out there more
  18. It could be said that MARINA as a whole is underrated though she has stated many times that she hates it when her fans say she’s underrated as she feels like she’s already had everything she could ever want in life and by saying she’s underrated is our way of putting her on a pedestal she doesn’t feel comfortable being put on. So with that said, I’m just gonna ask what you think the most underrated LEAD SINGLE is according to the fandom. I would personally say FROOT. I say FROOT because even though it’s widely popular it’s also widely criticized as being the worst single choice she could’ve gone with. Here’s where you’re wrong. It’s warm, inviting, inventive, and most importantly, incredibly catchy. It’s the best way to open an era and the visuals just prove that. Anyway though, what are you thoughts?
  19. Yes I’m well aware that Lana’s pretty controversial to say the least, but for a moment let’s separate the art from the artist for just a second. Which version of the iconic song Gods & Monsters do you prefer and for what reasons? Personally I prefer Jessica Lange’s from American Horror Story. Freakshow is one of my favorite seasons for this reason alone actually, it’s weird how a single song alone can steer you into a whole season. Meaning from what me and @NotDoctor established earlier you can only vote for Jessica’s
  20. To celebrate 7500 reaction points i’m doing a ADA inspired by @Twitter Please refrain from too personal questions and keep it PG folks K thanks Oh and thanks for 7500 reaction points. #Delulu10K
  21. Which movie soundtracks do you absolutely love and find iconic? These are my personal picks
  22. No actual celebrities, just politicians for me
  23. Have you ever met an online friend in real life? If you havent, would you like to do so?
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