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  1. We had full, 3-4 minute fan vids, creatively putting together clips of a movie or TV show or celebrity set to a song. Sure, some we're lazy, but some people put real A+ energy into creating cool fans vids. Some of these vids even had scenes where it looked like the character/celebrity was lip-syncing the song. And now the new generation comes along with their cute little "fan cams," little 20-second montages that are more like a slideshow than a video. And they don't even know that a "cam" is not what they're making. They're making a video. FAN CAM FAN VIDs Thankfully my kind of people are still around and serving bop after bop after bopppp video. But what happened to talent? Fancams are a drain on government resources. Make FanVids great again.
  2. I've known about this song for SO long but only JUST found out what the song is called like a little less than a year ago, and now I can hear it whenever I want This song reminds me a lot of winter
  3. I'm talking about songs that aren't trying to be bad or are viral bad songs like Friday. For me it's She literally raps through a vocoder to Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy, goes on a nonsensical monologue and literally blows into the mic. "Can't you hear outside of your supreme hoodie" lol
  4. In honor of Chromaticas Lead Single "Stupid Love" Share Some Of The Stupid Things You Did For Love or Someone You Like? Discuss. And also dont forget to stream "Stupid Love" and "Chromatica" @ProjectJoanne @gagaschickens @Anveeroy @EuphoricVibez @Doot @Twitter @Daylight Jokers @KatieJudasGaga4 @BadGurlMadge @raragaga
  5. justhislife

    Monster WAP

    I just thought this video was an interesting and well done remix considering the time of the year: Also, I'll include this as an encore because the beat is amazing but it doesn't have vocals unfortunately:
  6. Hi! So aside from the GGD discussion, why did you get banned and how many of you got banned? I’m gonna continue with @Timmers list here too This is just a compilation of weird reasons. Lemme know your reason and why i should add you to the list!
  7. Just a thread to discuss and share some of our favorite Latin influences bops by the pop queents. Share your thoughts and post some of your favs.
  8. This is a question aimed mostly towards music influences but you can include anyone that you were obsessed with as a kid! - Did your parents have really good music taste and did it rub off on you or did you discover a stunning pop diva that you were amazed by? Let's talk and celebrate that! For me it was the SPICE GIRLS! Apparently I was absolutely obsessed with them and my mom bought me their "Live In Istanbul" concert VHS. I watched it every single day around dinner time and would get annoyed if I didn't get to watch it. It checks out because I still really love getting to watch it. I would try copy their dance moves and sing along to it, probably being really annoying and loud. I just loved it and I think it gave me an opportunity to feel like I could express my femininity and perform without feeling anxious I'd be judged. It had a short interview documentary before with a preparing for tour segment and then of course their legendary and fun performance! It was at the peak of their career when they were most quintessential and it was sponsored by Pepsi so you know they got that budget. I'll include some videos from the concert below if you wanna check it out: I think I really loved P!NK, Britney, Shania Twain and Kylie other than that but only casually. My mom didn't give me too much musical influence, she was really into techno. Gaga didn't come until I was a teen so I don't necessarily count that. What about you?
  9. In honor of Halloween, what are your picks for spookiest pics? Here are a few of mine
  10. Rina Sawayama finally released the making of her debut album, Sawayama. Which is, IMO AOTY w Chromatica! Watch it here
  11. What an amazing song, I used to listen to this song along with a whole CD my dad burned out that had a lot of No Doubt songs like Spiderwebs, Excuse Me, Sunday Morning, Different People, and A Little Something Refreshing So I get a lot of feels from this one
  12. if Kirby swallowed you what would he be able to do?
  13. This man is a comedic legend. I listen to his podcast JRVP (The Jeselnik & Rostenthal Vanity Project) every week. Some of his jokes are really dark, but he writes them in a way where 1) you know he's being a character and this isn't the real him, and 2) it's impossible not to laugh most of the time. Is anyone here a fan like me?
  14. Title, which date of the Joanne World Tour date do you think had the best live vocals? Leave yours down below and give some examples if you can! :D For me it was the Philly show on September 10, especially during The Cure, she's literally just pouring her HEART out into the song!!! Another one I can think of is the dates for the New York Citi Field shows, AMAZING vocals from them!
  15. The actor who bangs his head (mmm honey) on that pillow in the 911 music video followed me back on Instagram and liked 20 of my photos. He actually was blocked from liking posts because he was interacting with his new followers so much. He might be kind of ditzy IRL or not know how social media works, but I'm in total love with him. Give him a follow and a post like and see what happens! https://www.instagram.com/mazen_shehabi/
  16. Can Cardi please remake this song and get Gaga on the bridge? It would be so iconic I can’t imagine the MV visuals - Cardi always goes hard with them so imagine what it would be like with GAGA on board too oh my
  17. The main things I watch on YouTube are music-related videos and horror content. I love watching horror videos while doing my homework even though it takes double the time to finish my assignments. I love Mr. Nightmare, ReignBot, blameitonjorge, Stephanie Soo, Kendall Rae, etc. I always get chart-related videos recommended to me. Since I’m a huge fan of Mariah Carey and Aretha Franklin, I also watch a lot of vocal range videos. There’s so much content out there but I usually get recommended the same thing.
  18. For me, Marina has some AMAZING music videos! But my most favorite is probably Froot, I just LOVE the aesthetic! What’s yours?
  19. In May, Lana Del Rey said she would release her anticipated sixth studio album Chemtrails Over the Country Club (known as COCC among fans) on September 5th. The date arrived and passed, but the album still has not been released or has a confirmed date whatsoever. Lana del Rey said in an interview that the album would be released before the end of September. Do you think Lana will unleash the COCC this month or we will have to wait a little more for the follow-up to her AOTY-nominated album Norman Fucking rockwell? Discuss
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