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  1. Who is going this week? I’ll be at both shows and would love to say hi to anyone going!
  2. Would you be here for Gaga to continue the Chromatica era with Free Woman as next single?
  3. It could be said that MARINA as a whole is underrated though she has stated many times that she hates it when her fans say she’s underrated as she feels like she’s already had everything she could ever want in life and by saying she’s underrated is our way of putting her on a pedestal she doesn’t feel comfortable being put on. So with that said, I’m just gonna ask what you think the most underrated LEAD SINGLE is according to the fandom. I would personally say FROOT. I say FROOT because even though it’s widely popular it’s also widely criticized as being the worst single choice she could’ve gone with. Here’s where you’re wrong. It’s warm, inviting, inventive, and most importantly, incredibly catchy. It’s the best way to open an era and the visuals just prove that. Anyway though, what are you thoughts?
  4. Yes I’m well aware that Lana’s pretty controversial to say the least, but for a moment let’s separate the art from the artist for just a second. Which version of the iconic song Gods & Monsters do you prefer and for what reasons? Personally I prefer Jessica Lange’s from American Horror Story. Freakshow is one of my favorite seasons for this reason alone actually, it’s weird how a single song alone can steer you into a whole season. Meaning from what me and @NotDoctor established earlier you can only vote for Jessica’s
  5. To celebrate 7500 reaction points i’m doing a ADA inspired by @Twitter Please refrain from too personal questions and keep it PG folks K thanks Oh and thanks for 7500 reaction points. #Delulu10K
  6. Which movie soundtracks do you absolutely love and find iconic? These are my personal picks
  7. Have you ever met an online friend in real life? If you havent, would you like to do so?
  8. The album’s been out for a little over a month now and I definitely have my definitive ranking that’s stayed pretty solid over the past month so what do you think of it and what’s your ranking? Mine would be: 1. Highly Emotional People 2. Ancient Dreams In A Modern Land 3. I Love You But I Love Me More 4. Man’s World 5. Venus Fly Trap 6. Flowers 7. Goodbye 8. Purge The Poison 9. Pandora’s Box 10. New America
  9. A lot of artists released a song with the title Deja Vu. But which of those is our favorite? I made a special playlist if you need a reminder for the songs in the poll: Ofcourse if your favorite isnt in the list, post them! :D
  10. I'm not sure a thread for non-English music and musicians exists so I decided to create one! Share your favorite non-English songs, albums, and artists here.
  11. I have the feeling this will tank since it's not really the kind of music people care about for here, but let me try anyways. What we know so far: Unless they have changed their plans, they will be releasing their first full length, conventional album. And it's meant to come out before the year ends. Lead single featuring Ty Dolla Sign and 070 Shake, coming out this week. Thursday 15 in Europe and America, Friday 16th in Australia. They will be promoting the single (and the album to some extent I guess) on Jimmy Fallon on Monday the 19th (screenshot on the spoiler) Unreleased songs they played on their 2019 tour that will potentially will be part of their album. It Gets Better (ft. Pharrell) Underneath It All (ft Vargas & Lagola)
  12. Any CD or Vinyl collectors here? Post yours!
  13. In honor of 4th of July (America’s independence day) Here are some of my top picks
  14. There are songs, that it doesnt matter when it got released, they are still timeless bops! Lets fill this thread with these and pay the respect they deserve!
  15. So I was listening to, Grow A Pear by Kesha and I love this song but I feel like it’s definitely not a song she’d write nowadays as it could be taken as offensive towards feminine men So that got me thinking, what’s a song you love that probably hasn’t aged the best with the times?
  16. That album that had high expectations but just fell flat for you
  17. Norman f-ing Rockwell Mariner’s Apartment Complex Venice b*ch
  18. Here is another All Things thread. This one is about popconcerts. Artists dare to announce their tours again as the future looks bright for some countries in the world. Even though I'm aware that not every country is that far, yet I'm sure that the day will come that we can all enjoy our freedom once again like before the pandamic came. Any artists you really want to see in concerts? Do you have any tickets? Artists you are waiting for tour announcements. Also: Have you been to concerts? Do you have pictures? Share with us! Enjoy!
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