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  1. y2k, normcore and cottagecore are superior
  2. I’d like to think so but when I see some new clothes I really like I can’t help myself
  3. Eating something savory is so satisfying but then again I sometimes get really bad sugar cravings that leave me just as satisfied so idk..
  4. A Fjällräven store would be nice... Thankfully I live in a big metropolitan area so even stores that aren’t in my city are a short to moderate drive away
  5. Will rap continue to dominate the music industry?
  6. Welcome to another of my All Things thread! Discuss about the economy and stocks/funds you think we should be looking out for.
  7. I recently discovered a mashup of Motive x Promiscuous went viral and decided to check it out. And damn, it sounds good. I was then reminded by autoplay of this gem: Why do Ariana songs fit so well on other beats? Why? Is it talent?
  8. Are there any chelebs you wish gaga met? Like at an award show or something? Discuss!
  9. Out of these two songs which do you like the most? Feel free to write down why in the replies below :) Ashnikko - Daisy Katy Perry - Daisies Also don't forget to stream a song I'm putting out this Friday called Butterfly!
  10. Hey everyone! As promised I got my Q&A video done with all of the questions you guys asked me! :D
  11. For all the Social Media there is, what is your opinion of which Social Media will last and which one won't? And which one do you want it to last or you don't want it to last. And which one you think it will stick around but it will be quiet? I think Instagram and Twitter and YouTube is going to last the longest and it should because it's heavily used and it's good but I really think Twitter really needs to take control of it's own issues that they have but they do improve sometimes. And I think Facebook is the one that might eventually end and considering it's own controversy they had in the past and it should end. And I think Skype and Tumblr will stick around but quietly. But TikTok I have no clue of what to expect for the future, because it may be like another Vines situation or it last. And I think all Social Media has pros and cons obviously.
  12. There’s a been a lack of major releases this year but hopefully you’ve found an album that’s been your favorite so far. My AOTY would have to be Tyron by slowthai
  13. Not sure why it didnt chart. Same with Run Away With Me. Shes so underrated.
  14. this video is incredible! So many behind the scenes photos I’ve never even seen
  15. Hey everyone! I’m gonna be making a Q&A video for my channel on YouTube based as promo for my two singles that just came out! Leave any questions you may have down below in the replies or leave a comment on the video :)
  16. Upon its released, Some little monsters didnt like it but upon listening to it now. It indeed aged well. The whole Chromatica album did aged well too. This is just my personal opinion. Question: What song in Chromatica aged well for you?
  17. I know it’s an incredibly difficult task but let’s see your picks! My top 5 (in no particular order)
  18. What are your thoughts on this issue?
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