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  1. I stopped using anti-perspirant because I realized it had aluminum in it, so I switched a more gentle deodorant, but I kinda want to go back since I prefer it over deodorant. Which one do you use and why?
  2. Bill Gates is looking for a special someone and is staring in your direction. Do you.. A) SNOG B) MARRY OR C) AVOID
  3. Nope. I used to want to get a neck and hand tattoo but I realized my profession would not allow that
  4. Whether you’re currently in school, planning to go to school or have already graduated. Mine is International Relations.
  5. I’ll usually just eat a cheese or any veggie pizza. I prefer if it has mushrooms, red onions and spinach though.
  6. I’ve noticed some people here are on reddit so I decided to create this thread. Maybe we’ll find some new subreddits to join These are some of my faves r/90s r/confessions r/LateStageCapitalism r/turtle r/travisscott r/rarepuppers r/shoegaze r/MapPorn
  7. We’ve finally did it fellow Diamonds!!! Marina’s first solo song to reach triple digits!!!!
  8. I've never used one since my family is superstitious but I'd like to try one eventually. They seem like fun
  9. I'm just going to link the post (https://reddit.com/r/popheads/comments/n2np5p/is_britney_spears_head_superimposed_onto_someone/) but it's worth the read for this this gif alone Edit: pasting in spoiler since it's not loading for some people "Enough Talking. What's the Evidence?" "It's especially that final shot, where her head just doesn't seem to be in that room or connected to that body. I wish I had the technical words to describe to you — Oh, you can clearly see the lighting is off because of ABC. It's definitely the unaccounted for pixels, which is an XYZ process. But I do not. It's just… off: Issa feeling. You know?" "Then there's the part of the bridge that's the beat dropping. I think most people would say the following is just the lighting. Or maybe most people wouldn't think it's weird at all. Just that first shot:" CONTINUED BELOW
  10. Microplastics and pollution in our oceans. Yes people talk about it but rarely do governments implement laws/policies aimed at cleaning up our oceans or preventing plastic from even reaching the ocean. I think it’s an existential threat that we’re not taking seriously enough. Out of sight, out of mind I guess.
  11. Do you vote in every election, including state/regional, local and national? Or do you only vote for national elections?
  12. Summer is approaching soon (in the Northern hemisphere) so share some of your favorite summer bops!
  13. Grigio Girls as lead from Joanne.
  14. Title If you use spotify you can use this tool https://www.statsforspotify.com/ and I guess there's going to be something similar for every other platform.
  15. Hey guys so I decided to create a thread in appreciation of Chromatica where we can all just share what are our favorite musical moments of the album, it should be fun, and give us new appreciative perspectives on the album. Alright, I'll start: 1. Alice robot vocals 2. Free woman pre-chorus 3. Rain On Me's explosive last chorus 4. CII-911 and 911 lyrics (duh) 5. Babylon sax + choir moments
  16. So, in my country the nightclubs are closed since march 2020 aka more than 1 year. Personally, the nightclubs are really important for me cause I just love dancing with my friends and having an amazing night. It's almost like a therapy cause it's a way for me to forget every problem of my life. Since more than a year, this "therapy" is now impossible for me. I can understand the fact that it's difficult even impossible to control a pandemic with the opening of the nightclubs (no masks, people drunk, no social distance possible...etc). BUT I just want to express my feeling about this situation. It's long, really long and it feels like a never ending nightmare for me. Are you tired about the shutdown of nightclubs or you simply don't care ? Discuss
  17. Welcome to the Opinions & Tea Vol. 1 thread. Here we discuss different hot topics such as... - pop classics - worst songs - worst albums - food, politics and culture ...in polite manner. Get caught slipping and you’ll be warned. Let’s keep it cute y’all.
  18. Name any other ones you shop at that are not included on the list of options
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